News – PH – Outsider for the 4th Appointed Deputy Governor of the BSP


The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) will officially announce on Wednesday that the expert in financial digitization and e-money, Mamerto E Tangonan, a BSP outsider, is its new deputy governor

Tangonan, currently party leader of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) E-Peso project, will replace Deputy Governor Dahlia D Luna as head of the GNP currency management sector and the Security Plant Complex (SPC) in Quezon City, where the country’s banknotes are printed and coins and gold minted and refined

Tangonan’s work with USAID / E-Peso Activity supported and partially helped the BSP to drive the digitization of financial services and the pursuit of e-payment The BSP has set itself the goal of digitally or as Process e-payment

Luna recently left BSP after reaching retirement age of 60 last month It was under her watch as BSP increased its banknote printing capacity from two billion pieces a year to four billion and its banknote outsourcing significantly She also inherited SPC’s 10-year modernization and expansion program in 2019, SPC completed the construction of a P2 billion coin facility

Before being hired by the former BSP governor Amando M Tetangco Jr For SPC, Luna was with the Philippine Economic Zones Authority

With the GNP Charter, when it was amended two years ago, the list of deputy governors was expanded from three to a maximum of five.The revised Central Bank Law was signed by President Duterte in February 2019 after more than 20 years of revision, and both dated House of Commons and Senate put on the waiting list

There are currently three Deputy Governors of the BSP: Francisco G Dakila Jr, responsible for the monetary and economic sector; Chuchi G Fonacier of the financial regulatory sector; and Maria Almasara Cyd Tuaño-Amador from Corporate Services

A fourth sector, the Currency Management Sector, was led by Luna as Senior Assistant Governor

The BSP recently reorganized its payment and currency management activities as a new Payment and Currency Management Sector (PCMS) for the “Security and Integrity of the Philippine Currency”

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News – PH – Outsider for 4th Appointed Deputy Governor of the BSP
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Outsider for 4th Appointed Deputy Governor of the BSP