News – PH – Passenger slams Melbourne Airport “fail” because of Covid Social Distancing


A Reddit user posted a video of a crowded baggage claim area at Melbourne Airport, in which passengers on four different inbound flights were forced to pick up their luggage from a baggage carousel, making it difficult to maintain social distance / p>

In the video filmed at Melbourne Domestic Airport over the weekend, passengers on flights from Sydney, Canberra, Perth and Cairns were instructed to collect their bags from a carousel while the rest of the airport remained empty

“Maybe use all the available carousels to try to thin out the crowd?” User @harshdozer wrote along with the video

“In Singapore and Qatar they don’t even run the carousels anymore, they straighten the baggage and you present your baggage check and bring it to you This is simply sad management”

The user suggested that the protocols changed during a pandemic to accommodate social distancing, although the crowded sight at baggage claim was known

The Melbourne Airport website states that the staff went out of their way to minimize overcrowding but did not mention the log at baggage claim

“We put visual aids on the floor in high-traffic areas such as security clearance and check-in and carefully spaced the seating to aid in physical distancing,” the website says

Melbourne recently lifted its lockdown, announcing three new local cases on Friday linked to the Holiday Inn cluster that has grown to 22

There are 25 active Covid cases in Victoria as the state prepares to begin rolling out Covid-19 vaccination

The federal government gave Victoria in the first week of the vaccination program 12000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine allotted

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News – PH – Passenger slams Melbourne Airport over Covid social distancing “fail”