News – PH – PBA: What kind of system is the new Rain Or Shine trainer Gavina planning to use?


Although Chris Gavina confirmed he was surprised to learn of his appointment, Rain Or Shine’s new head coach Chris Gavine said he saw this as a welcome challenge

Gavina has taken the place of Caloy Garcia, who has been named as an active advisor and has played a pivotal role as one of the assistant coaches of Gilas Pilipinas

Gavina, former head coach of KIA / Mahindra (now known as Terrafirma), said he met the team after his appointment

“I was able to spend the first day of training with the group today
Apparently everyone found out about it after yesterday’s Rain or Shine press release, “said Gavina in an interview with Rey Joble’s” The Link “

Although he has no plans to completely change the team system, the Filipino coach, who grew up in the US, said he would give the Elasto Painters more freedom and play to their strengths

It’s something he did while at KIA that made it to the playoffs in his tenure even though he had no star power

“Stylistically with our length, athleticism and speed we opened the ground with our playmakers Rey Nambatac, (Jayvee) Mocon and Gabe (Norwood) and really let our shooters like James Yap be put in positions where they can be themselves and really can do what they do best. Our big boys can all shoot, we give them the green light, “said Gavina

“When we were at KIA we focused on developing This is what I’m great at Parang, when you are struggling you need to be able to accept your weaknesses and focus on your strengths, don’t dwell on these Weaknesses, that’s our way of thinking now “

Gavina added that he wants Rain Or Shine to be able to win games even against teams that are lower

“Of course I will not find out that I am better informed than the 21-time master Tim Cone, master trainer Chito (Victolero) and trainer Leo (Austria) with their enormous line-up”he said

“The only thing we can do is try to build that mindset of hardworking people and empower us to stay around these types of teams”

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News – PH – PBA: What kind of system is the new Rain coach planning Or Shine to deal with Gavina?