News – PH – Phil, 99, is said to be in hospital for “a few more days” with an infection


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PRINCE Philip, 99, will spend “several” days in hospital after being infected, Buckingham Palace said today

The Duke of Edinburgh is “at ease” after meeting King Edward VII last week on Tuesday night was approved

The Queen’s husband was taken in as a precaution after feeling uncomfortable He is said to have come in unaided

They said, “He is fine and responding to treatment, but is not expected to leave the hospital for several days”

His youngest son, the Earl of Wessex, announced today that he had spoken to his father on the phone – the Duke was “much better”

Prince Edward said to Sky, “As far as I know, I spoke to you the other day, so he’s much better, thank you very much, and he’s looking forward to coming out on which is the most”positive thing

When asked if Philip was frustrated being in the hospital, Edward laughed and replied, “Just a little bit I think this concerns us all, and then you can only look at the clock and the walls are so many times just so interesting “

He added, “We have had some brilliant and lovable messages from all kinds of people and we really appreciate that, and so do he, I passed it on. It’s fantastic, thank you”

The palace previously said Prince Philip was in “good spirits” after being rushed to the hospital

It is believed that Charles had not seen his father since before Christmas because of statewide coronavirus restrictions The Duke stayed with the Queen at Windsor Castle

The Duke, who on 10 June turns 100 is in hospital for an unknown reason even though it is not a coronavirus

The Royal was also involved in a car accident in January 2019 after crashing into another vehicle near the Sandringham estate

He had hip surgery in April 2018, but had recovered well a month later for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding

The 99-year-old was previously described as the Queen’s “constant strength” and was known as the “protector” of the royal family

He has been by the queen’s side for seven decades and has grown into one of the hardest working kings

Since 1952 he attended 22219 solo engagements and 637 trips abroad in a career that was shaped by his famous gaffes

After 65 years in public life, he retired from his public duties in 2017 at the age of 96

But despite his retirement, the prince has remained active and, when Covid broke out, sent a message to the front line workers in which he thanked them for their work

He also rarely appeared in public last year to pass on his role as Colonel of the Rifles to Camilla Parker Bowles

And Prince Harry reportedly called the Queen from his home in the US last week about Prince Philip’s health

Harry’s reported recall from his new home in the US to the UK comes after he and Meghan Markle formally leave the Royal Family

The couple declared “service is universal” when they confirmed the move – it lost its honorary title – and the royal family wavered

The announcement came just days after the announcement of a special prime-time interview with the couple, and Oprah Winfrey would air next month

Martin says the end is in sight as all students by 12th April go back to school

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News – PH – Phil, 99, to stay in hospital for “a few more days” with an infection