News – PH – Pinay actress Chai Fonacier stars in thriller ‘Nocebo’ alongside Hollywood stars Eva Green and Mark Strong


Filipino actress Chai Fonacier will appear alongside Hollywood actors Eva Green and Mark Strong in the upcoming thriller “Nocebo”

According to a Variety report on Thursday, Chai will play the role of a Filipino caregiver who uses traditional folk medicine to help Eva’s character learn more about her mysterious illness

The title “Nocebo” is based on the nocebo effect, the antonyms of placebo, in which the patient’s negative thinking leads to a more negative result

The new film, which will be produced in both the Philippines and Ireland, is being directed by Vivarium, Lorcan Finnegan, written by Garret Shanley, and produced by Emily Leo, Brunella Cocchiglia and Filipino producers Bianca Balbuena Bradley Liew It is also being developed by Screen Ireland, XYZ Films, Media Finance Capital, and the Philippines Film Development Council

Chai, a theater and film actress, starred in the award-winning film “Patay na si Hesus” in 2016 with “In 2017 she won Best Supporting Actress for her role. She also starred in” Respeto “and” Born Beautiful “”

The French actress Eva, on the other hand, is best known for her roles in “Casino Royale” and “Penny Dreadful”, while Mark is known for his work in “1917”, “Shazam” and “The Kingsman” Franchise

Eva Green, Mark Strong, Chai Fonacier, Lorcan Finnegan, Nocebo

News – PH – The Pinay actress Chai Fonacier plays the thriller ‘Nocebo’ alongside Hollywood stars Eva Green and Mark Strong ‘