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At the Sinovac Biotech Ltd site in Beijing’s Daxing district, employees are busy producing CoronaVac, the inactivated COVID-19 vaccine, in large quantities

From cell culture to packaging, a stitch can be made in just 48 days. Now the company produces around 400 a day000 cans

“The annual output of our first production line has reached 500 million doses. Our second production line started operating this month, allowing the company to reach the capacity to produce 1 billion vaccine doses per year,” said Yin Weidong, chairman of the the Nasdaq listed company Sinovac

He said: “Since our first production line started operations in August, the machines have been in operation almost 24 hours a day. Our employees have worked three shifts around the clock to meet the increasing demand for vaccines”

Currently, the company is exporting some volumes to countries like Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and Chile while ensuring sufficient supply of vaccines for the domestic market

On 20 The Public Health Institute of Chile, known locally as the ISP, approved Sinovac’s emergency use of COVID-19 vaccine on Jan. and 31 Two batches of nearly 4 million vaccine doses were shipped to the country on January 3, according to local government data February started with large-scale vaccinations

Similarly, the health authorities of Brazil, Turkey and Indonesia also approved the emergency use of Sinovac’s COVID-19 vaccine

Pearson Liu, director of branding and public relations at Sinovac, said packaged vaccines are stored in cold chains and shipped to airports in cold chain trucks

To ensure the safety of international vaccine delivery, Sinovac has worked with Envirotainer, the world’s largest provider of temperature-controlled containers and logistics, to deliver vaccines to the target countries.A chip is installed in the containers that shows the storage temperature of the vaccine Can be tracked and managed throughout the shipping process

“The storage temperature for our vaccine is between 2 ° C and 8 ° C, which means the product doesn’t need to be remelted and can be used immediately,” said Liu

He said in order to save packaging and delivery costs, Sinovac exported half-finished batches to some countries, which means that the importing countries fill and repackage the vaccines themselves

In such a situation, Sinovac helps to set up local filling and packaging lines in the countries to improve production capacity and efficiency

Data from the World Health Organization showed that there are currently 235 vaccine candidates in the world and 63 of them have entered the clinical trial phase, such as the messenger ribonucleic acid vaccine (mRNA) developed by Pfizer in the US and that of AstraZeneca UK-developed recombinant vaccine, had received orders for more than 1 billion doses from overseas

In China, 15 vaccine candidates are participating in clinical trials, five of which are already in third-stage clinical trials. Among the five candidates, the vaccines manufactured by Sinovac and the China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm) were for more than 16 countries for The two Chinese companies have received orders and the vaccines have been properly shipped

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News – PH – Chinese vaccines protect the world
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