News – PH – Red Havas expands global healthcare offering with the launch of Red Havas Health


The new health micro-network is the first global PR offering from Havas Health & You and brings together key markets and functions around the world

NEW YORK, 2 Mar. 2021 / PRNewswire / – Red Havas today announced the launch of Red Havas Health, a global, health-focused micro-network to respond to increasing global customer demand. The new offering brings together healthcare professionals from Red Havas, United States, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines as well as Havas Health PR in New York, Havas Life Medicom PR in the USAK and Havas PR in Milan In addition, the new brand will be introduced in France and Germany. All agencies will now use the new Red Havas Health brand wear and use the agency’s merged media approach, which combines earned, social and experiential skills with content at the center

“Scientific innovation, technology and world events are changing the way we consume and interact with health information more than ever,” said James Wright, global chairman of Havas PR Global Collective and global CEO of Red Havas Havas Health’s & You network, the new Red Havas Health brand will be at the forefront of the changing way we learn about our own health and that of our loved ones by bringing together our fantastic talent from key markets, our new global PR offers – Offering full service customers even better access to the best of thinking, technology, data and insights “

“At Red Havas Health, our approach to communication is different as we developed this model to reflect the significant changes in consumer and business relationships with health over the past year,” said Stacey Gandler, Global Director of Red Havas Health have focused on connecting science and culture so that our customers can be more purposefully and authentically connected to the communities they serve “

Red Havas Health’s launch follows a strategic shift for the agency in 2020 to focus on five key areas of growth including B2B and P2P (person to person) Consumers and lifestyle; Purpose and cause; Tech and e-commerce; and Health As the demand for health communications continues to grow, Red Havas Health’s new offering is a full service PR suite, including communications across the brand lifecycle Storytelling about disease awareness; Content strategy and creation; traditional, online and social media; clinical and regulatory milestone support; Commitment to patient / HCP advocacy; Cause communication; Corporate reputation management; and employee relationships

To learn more about Red Havas Health, visit wwwRedhavashealthcom

About Red Havas
Red Havas is the world’s first merged media agency and has offices in Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney), France (Paris), Germany (Düsseldorf), Italy (Milan), Indonesia (Jakarta), the Philippines (Manila), Singapore and the United States Kingdom (London, Surrey and Manchester), USA (Chicago, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, New England and New York City) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) The agency is part of the Havas PR Global Collective, a team from 1300 consultants in 40 offices

About Havas Health & you
Havas Health & They bring together Havas Life, Health4Brands (H4B), Lynx, Havas Life PR and Havas Health Plus, all wholly owned health and communication networks, with the consumer health companies and practices of Havas Creative Group His customer-centric approach has the talent, the tenacity and the technology health and wellness companies, brands and people need to thrive in today’s world. For more information, please visit wwwHavasHealthandYoucom

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News – PH – Red Havas expands its global healthcare offering with the launch of Red Havas Health
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