News – PH – Robbie Antonio is stepping down due to issues with Century Properties’ own unicorn company


MANILA – Century Properties Group Inc said on Monday that Jose Roberto “Robbie” Antonio had stepped down from his board of directors to focus on issues affecting his company, Revolution Prefabricated

Antonio resigned from his post as co-managing director and board member of the company “to focus on pressing issues within his own business and those related to it,” Century Properties told the stock exchange

Several contractors and suppliers for Antonio’s modular house manufacturer sought help from the National Bureau of Investigations (NBI) on Friday to resolve allegedly questionable deals worth approximately 151 million pesetas

“Century Properties Group Inc I would like to inform the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Philippine Stock Exchange that the Board of Directors will attend today’s special meeting of the Board of Directors on March 22nd JOSE ROBERTO R. Accepted MR’s resignation in February 2021 ANTONIO as co-managing director and member of the board of directors of CPGI with immediate effect “, it says in the statement

Revolution Precrafted previously said its claims were also affected by the “market challenges” from the coronavirus pandemic, the company said it was working with its suppliers and contractors to resolve the matter

In a statement, Revolutionary Director and Company Secretary Michael Bilgera said the company is confident that it will amicably resolve the issues within its legitimate contractual obligations

Century Properties said it is currently looking for a replacement for the job Antonio vacated

In 2017, Revolution is said to have achieved a valuation of over 1 billion US dollars and thus achieved the status of “unicorn”

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Jose Roberto Antonio, Century Properties, Revolution Precrafted Properties Limited

News – PH – Robbie Antonio is stepping down from Century Properties due to problems with their own unicorn company