News – PH – Senate Ready To Pass $ 1 9 Trillion Covid Aid Bill


The Senate voted on changes to the package all night, dragging the debate into Saturday morning

With Sen Joe Manchin’s objections have been eased, the Senate can now probably proceed with a marathon “Vote-a-Rama” before the laws are finally passed J Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

Senate Democrats are on track to approve President Joe Biden’s $ 1 $ 9 trillion coronavirus bailout by Saturday noon after an unemployment benefit deal was signed Friday night

The Senate voted on changes to the package all night, dragging the debate into Saturday morning amid short-term opposition to unemployment benefits, Democratic leaders have struck a deal with Sen Joe Manchin (DW-Va) through September 300 per month Week of additional unemployment benefits to be made available 6 and up to 10$ 200 tax break for the unemployed

“The president has made it clear that we will have enough vaccines for every American by the end of May, and I am confident the economic recovery will follow,” Manchin said after signing a truce on Friday evening. “We have one Compromise reached that allows the economy to recover quickly “

Democratic leaders also agreed to limit eligibility for this tax break and the tax-free status of the benefits to households with incomes below 150Limit $ 000 a year The White House was quick to announce its support

“The President supports the compromise agreement and is grateful to all of the Senators who have worked so hard to achieve this result,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement Friday evening
As of Saturday morning, the Senate was in session for more than 24 hours in a row, with the vote taking up most of the time and a few hours left.The Senate Democrats largely stuck together throughout the night and thwarted the GOP’s efforts to drastically propose the bill While some Democrats defected on a handful of GOP amendments, those amendments required 60 votes

Democrats have also circumvented a quagmire against undocumented immigrants that enraged Liberals last month after some moderates backed a proposal banning these immigrants from receiving checks. All 50 Democrats came together to propose an amendment from Sen reject Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to ban aid payments to undocumented immigrants

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill) said it was “just wrong” to suggest that these immigrants could get a stimulus check When Cruz asked him to give in to a question, Durbin turned his back on Cruz and spoke directly with his democratic colleagues

In addition to the Senate approving the Democratic Unemployment Insurance Agreement, the Senate Democrats passed an amendment by Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) Require schools receiving aid from the package to publish plans for safe return to face-to-face tuition The amendment was an attempt to counter a proposal by Sen Marco Rubio (R-Fla) who allocated more funding to schools that are open again to face-to-face learning than to schools that opt ​​for distance learning With Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, who was absent from his family due to a death, didn’t need Vice President Kamala Harris to break the tie

After the Senate passes, the bill will go back to the House, where lawmakers must approve the changes before reaching Biden’s desk

Once the vote is complete, Senate Democrats could pass the bill on Saturday with Vice President Kamala Harris as a tie | J Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

The two parties battled for Manchin’s support on changes to federal unemployment benefits on Friday afternoon, showing how a 50:50 Senate can instantly bring power to a point

Before the Senate voted on amendments, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reveled in what he called a “spectacle” of Democratic disagreement over one of the largest provisions of the package. McConnell then forced a vote to adjourn the night, which failed >

The version of the bill passed by Parliament last week would have increased the current weekly payment from $ 300 to $ 400, extending that benefit through August

But earlier on Friday, Senate Democrats approved an amendment from Sen to Tom Carper (D-Del) that would have lowered the benefit to $ 300 and extended it through September, in addition to tax breaks of up to 10$ 200 for laid-off workers with no income restrictions

The latest deal means federal unemployment benefits will now expire on Labor Day, when the Senate is supposed to be on hiatus natural legislative tool if further extension is required

The lengthy Senate delay came when Manchin was considering a proposal from Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) that the $ 300 unemployment benefit by Aug. July would have been extended – which corresponds to a cut in both the Carper proposal and the house bill

Previously, the Senate passed Portman’s Unemployment Amendment to extend $ 300 weekly benefits through July Manchin voted for it with 50-49 votes, as expected. However, this amendment was repealed by the Manchin compromise, the Sen Ron Wyden (D-Erz) offered as a change and Manchin also supported

The first amendment to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour by 2025 – proposed by Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) – failed as expected, showing a wider gap between progressives and moderates in the Democratic caucus

The lengthy vote is largely despised by members of both parties and guarantees that sleepless members run into steam shortly before the bill passes through in the upper chamber. But there is no getting around it

Joe Biden entered the White House with a broad agenda that includes taming the coronavirus, reshaping economic recovery, overhauling climate policies, and rethinking the power of tech companies

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed that the Senate would “enforce and finalize this bill no matter how long it takes”

“We’re not going to make the same mistake we made after the last economic downturn when Congress did too little,” he said on the floor

The legislative endurance run is part of the budget balancing process that the Democrats use to pass Biden’s plan without the support of the GOP

“The whole term ‘Vote-a-Rama’ never sounded to me like it was meant to apply to ‘the world’s largest advisory body,'” Sen said Roy Blunt (R-Mo) said Thursday, “It is what it is and it always becomes a largely partisan exercise”

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News – PH – Senate Ready To Pass $ 1 9 Trillion Covid Aid Bill