News – PH – Seo Shin Ae under attack from Soyjin fans of Angry (G) I-dle


Actress Seo Shin Ae is welcomed by fans of (G) I-dles Soojin, her cryptic Instagram post is viewed as a shot taken in response to his response to school bullying allegations / p>

The full story:
An anonymous person alleged school bullying against Soojin on an online forum. The person alleged to be the older sibling of the victim at Waw Middle School in Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi Province, Korea

The victim’s sibling accused the actor of attacking her sister, robbing her money, school students with swear words, etc. to have bullied and cursed

Soojin’s agency Cube Entertainment has denied all allegations, stating that they are planning legal action against those who spread false news, although there are many other people who have now made similar allegations against the actress

Why are fans upset with Seo Shin Ae? Seo Shin Ae and Soojin were schoolmates first person to make allegations had an obvious reference to ‘Miss Seo’ “I remember talking to Miss Seo about you. Every day you screamed behind her on the way to school. You said things like ‘You little fool’ and ‘You bbangu ddongu” When she was in an interview about bullying in Speaking of school, you actually confronted her with a group of your friends. I don’t know if you will remember, but I was with her, “KpopStarz quotes the anonymous person in the post

If it wasn’t enough, Seo Shin Aen shared a cryptic post, “None of Your Excuses,” It is seen as an indirect response to Cube Entertainment’s testimony that all allegations were denied that your message angered Soojin’s fans

While receiving hate messages, Seo Shin Aen has now shared the song “This is why I am” on her Instagram story, which is a clear message to the perpetrators that their comments will not affect them in any way

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News – PH – Seo Shin Ae is attacked by Angry (G) I-dles Soojin fans