News – PH – Shaun Ryder: People mistake ADHD for drug use


The 58-year-old singer was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which can cause inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness As an adult, most people think that his erratic behavior is due to years of drug use

He said, “This is killing me. No, I’ve been in this condition since I was born. I didn’t know I had it for the first 40 years of my life

“When I was in school they didn’t know anything about ADHD, there were only four sets, one was the brightest and four were crowd control

“So every kid in my class was, now I’m thinking about it, autistic or ADHD You are made to think you’re stupid because you can’t study like other people”

Happy Montag frontman noted that his ADHD was causing some trouble when he tried to joke for his performance on Channel 4’s “Stand Up And Deliver”

The music star teamed up with Jason Manford for the show, and he admits it was “a real challenge”

The 39-year-old comedian said, “Shaun has severe ADHD Remembering things, gathering information, and picking up new thoughts was a real challenge. Is he a good student? No, not at all!”

Jason tried hard to get Shaun to focus enough to get pen on paper and write some jokes based on stories from his past

He told the Daily Mirror, “Shaun is a naturally funny guy. He’s obviously done a lot in the last four or five decades, and in that regard he already has the hard part, which is stage presence and confidence

“He’s got that in abundance. Some people might say he’s got too much! So I had to try and curb him a bit to see where the real Shaun Ryder is, not just the public perception he has that was the greatest Challenge to find the stories about him that are very funny but also a little bit insightful or interesting. He had a hell of a good life. He probably lived five lives in the world. It was an eye opener I have to say! “

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News – PH – Shaun Ryder: People mistake ADHD for drug use
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