News – PH – Solenn Heussaff says it is not intended to romanticize poverty after art that is tasteless


MANILA, Philippines – The artist Solenn Heussaff apologized for the resulting backlash of her promotional material for art exhibitions, which was located in the slums

Tagged as “poverty porn”, Solenn had previously published a photo, which has since been deleted, in which she personally exhibited her works of art with an urban poor community as a background

“I’ve thought a lot about the comments you guys left on the photo I posted I know it has sparked some debate and there have been both good and bad attitudes, while I appreciate the encouragement given by some have shared, but I also want to apologize to those I hurt, “wrote Solenn on Thursday morning

The painter explained the reasons for her decision to shoot the advertising material for her upcoming third solo exhibition in the slums

“Wanted to shoot it in a typical street that we drive past streets full of life every day, as all of my pictures are about the people we see Not the rich or the poor, but the people for whom they are humanity The choice of painting was to show the environmental side, the abundance and balance of what life was, but also growth and hope, ”she said

Solenn described the review as a “learning experience” that made her more sensitive to different perspectives of her choice of setting

“It wasn’t a terrible marketing team, it was me, nobody else was to blame,” she said, adding that there was no intention of hurting or offending anyone

The sole aim of their exhibition is to give their voice and art to show the reality of Filipinos

“This is the heart and inspiration of all of my paintings, old and new. I didn’t want to romanticize the poverty of the everyday pinoy or the resilience we naturally have. I was really hoping to honor our people by being honest about those.” Am the type of life that many Filipinos live in today, showing that Filipinos deserve better, ”she said

“Thank you for letting me open my eyes too. And those I have offended are sorry”

Solenn will be on 26 March after almost three years of activity open their solo exhibition “Kundiman”

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Solenn Heussaff, poverty porn

news – PH – Solenn Heussaff says it is not intended to romanticize poverty after an art with bad taste