News – PH – Tabreed weather observation AI could cool homes from Dubai to Mecca


DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates company, which provides cooling to thousands of Gulf homes, plans to use weather monitoring technology to anticipate when demand will rise and fall

It is one of four new pilot projects announced by Tabreed that will support the goal of increasing plant efficiency and reducing operating costs, the company announced in a listing on Sunday

The demand for district cooling varies greatly from day to day, depending on outside temperature, humidity, wind speed and other atmospheric factors

The Wet Bulb Forecasting project aims to better predict customer demand over the next 24 hours by analyzing some of these factors using artificial intelligence

“Based on the simulation of this pilot project, we forecast a 25 to 30 percent increase in performance compared to our industry benchmarks,” said François-Xavier Boul, Tabreed Chief Development Officer ”

Gulf states like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly technologies and alternative energy sources

The developments he oversees include the tallest building in the world in Dubai and the Jabal Omar development in Mecca

DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates-Ukraine Coordinating Committee held its first long-distance call to discuss possible partnerships between the two countries, state-run news agency WAM reported

The meeting followed the first visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the United Arab Emirates and was attended by several ministers from the Emirates

“The Ukrainian President’s visit to the UAE resulted in the definition of a clear strategy to improve the strong strategic relationship between the two countries, which would help open doors for exploring new prospects for cooperation,” said Mariam Bint Mohamed Almeheiri, Minister of State for Nutrition and nutrition water security, said

The committee formed after the state visit discussed plans to improve trade, investment and other partnership opportunities for both countries

“We will work together in the coming months to explore initiatives that will help increase our volume of trade and improve our economy based on trade, investment and shared interests,” said Almeheiri

BEIJING: China’s factory activity grew more slowly than a month earlier in February, reaching its lowest level since last May and falling short of market expectations after brief disruptions related to COVID-19 earlier in the year
The official purchasing managers’ index for manufacturing (PMI) fell to 506 from 513 in January, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Sunday showed it remains above the 50-point mark that separates growth from contraction
Analysts had expected it to drop to 511
Chinese factory activities usually cease during the New Year break when workers return to their hometowns this year, the government appealed to workers to stay on-site to help curb the spread of COVID-19
In general, China’s economic recovery has picked up on robust exports, pent-up demand and government incentives
The official PMI, which mainly focuses on large and state-owned companies, found the sub-index for new export orders was 488 in February compared to 502 in January, declining again after months boosted by overseas demand
A sub-index for small business activity was 483 in February versus 494 a month earlier Smaller businesses were harder hit by the seasonal effects of the lunar New Year, said Zhao Qinghe, an NBS official, in comments released with the data
A sub-index for employment in the official PMI was 481 in February, up from 48 January 4 when firms laid off more workers and at a faster pace
Still, some manufacturing companies are seeing mounting pressure from rising labor costs and labor shortages, Zhao said
China’s factory gate prices rose for the first time in a year in January from a year earlier as months of strong manufacturing growth drove up raw material costs
China hit 2.3% economic growth last year this year, the government may avoid setting a growth target fearing provincial economies will come under pressure to borrow more, political sources previously told Reuters
China will increase political support for foreign trade and ensure the smooth operation of supply chains, its new trade minister said earlier this week
In the service sector, activity increased for the eleventh year in a row, but at the slowest rate in a year

BASRA: It’s almost dawn and Zainab Amjad has been working on an oil rig in southern Iraq all night, lowering a sensor into the black depths of a well until sonar waves detect the presence of the crude oil that powers their country’s economy
Elsewhere in the oil-rich Basra province, Ayat Rawthan is overseeing the assembly of large drill pipes. These drill themselves into the earth and send important data about rock formations to screens a few meters away that she will decipher
The two 24-year-old women are among a handful who have avoided the dreary office jobs normally given to female petroleum engineers in Iraq, instead choosing to pioneer the country’s oil industry and donning hard hats to help with the grueling work at the drilling rigs
You are part of a new generation of talented Iraqi women who are testing the limits of their conservative communities. Their determination to find work in a historically male-dominated industry is a striking example of how an emerging youth population is increasingly at odds with deeply rooted and conservative tribal traditions that predominate in the southern oil core of Iraq
The hours that Amjad and Rawthan spend in the oil fields are long and the weather unforgiving. They are often asked what they are doing there as women
“They tell me that the field environment can only withstand men,” said Amjad, who lives at the rig site for six weeks at a time. “If I gave up, I would agree with them”
Iraq’s economic and political fate tends to fluctuate with the oil markets. Oil sales account for 90% of government revenues – and the vast majority of crude oil comes from the south. A fall in prices leads to an economic crisis; A boom plugs the treasury A healthy economy brings some degree of stability, while instability has often undermined the strength of the oil sector. Decades of wars, riots and invasions have brought production to a standstill
Iraq is showing signs of recovery after low oil prices hit by the coronavirus pandemic and international disputes January exports hit 868 million barrels a day at $ 53 a barrel, according to oil ministry statistics
For most Iraqis, the industry can be summed up using these numbers, but Amjad and Rawthan have a more detailed perspective.Each well poses a number of challenges Some needed more pressure to pump, others were laden with toxic gas. “Every field feels like going to a new country,” said Amjad
Given the overwhelming importance of the industry to the economy, petrochemical programs at the country’s engineering schools are reserved for students with the best grades.Both women were in the top 5% of their graduating class at Basra University in 2018
At school they were impressed by drilling. For them it was a new world with a language of its own: “Spudding” was supposed to start drilling, a “Christmas tree” was the tip of a wellhead, and “Dope” just meant fat
Every working day they delve deep into the mysterious affairs of the earth’s crust, where they use tools to examine formations of minerals and mud until the precious oil is found. “It’s like throwing a stone into the water and studying the waves,” explained Rawthan
To work in the field, Amjad, the daughter of two doctors, knew she had to get a job with an international oil company – and to do that she had to attract attention. State-owned companies were a dead end; there she would go to office work
“In my free time, on my holidays and on my days off, I booked training courses and signed up for every program I could,” said Amjad
When China’s CPECC was looking for new hires, it was the obvious choice.Later, when Texas-based Schlumberger was looking for wired engineers, she took the chance, the job requires her to determine how much oil can be made from a given source that existed difficult exam after exam to get to the final interview
When asked if she was sure she could do the job, she said, “Hire me, watch out”
In two months she swapped her green hard hat for a glossy white one, which means her status as a supervisor who is no longer a trainee – a month faster than usual
Rawthan also knew that she had to work extra hard to be successful. Once, when her team had to do a rare “branch” – drilling another hole next to the original – she stayed up all night
“I haven’t slept for 24 hours, I wanted to understand the whole process, all the tools from start to finish,” she said
Rawthan now also works for Schlumberger, where she gathers data from wells that will later determine the drill path. She wants to be proficient in drilling, and the company is a world leader in service
Relatives, friends, and even teachers were disheartening: what about the hard physical work? The scorching Basra heat? Live on the rig site for months? And the desert scorpions that roam the reservoirs at night?
“Often my professors and colleagues laughed:” Sure, we’ll see you out there “and told me I wouldn’t make it,” said Rawthan. “But that just pushed me even more.”
However, her parents supported her. Rawthan’s mother is a civil engineer and her father is the captain of an oil tanker that has often spent months at sea
“You understand why this is my passion,” she said. She hopes to help build a union to bring like-minded Iraqi women engineers together. None exist at the moment
Work Is Dangerous Protests outside of oil fields, led by angry local tribes and the unemployed, can disrupt work and sometimes lead to violence against oil workers Confronted with stacks of torches every day pointing to Iraq’s obvious oil wealth, others lament the corruption of the state , poor service delivery and unemployment
But the women are ready to face these needs. Amjad hardly has time to even consider them: it was 11 o’clock and she was needed again at work
“The drilling never stops,” she said

SAN FRANCISCO: Lauren Foundos excelled in almost everything she set out to do, from college sports to trading on Wall Street to her Forte startup training online
Being a woman in the predominantly male world of venture capital was still a stumbling block – but like many other women entrepreneurs, she only worked harder to be successful
“In some cases, before I even spoke, they asked me if I would step down as CEO,” Foundos said of encounters with venture capitalists
“That was a whole new level”
Men would talk past her in meetings and discuss whether she could handle the job emotionally as if she weren’t there, or wonder aloud who would take care of the books
“When that happens, I’ll tell you I’m here,” Foundos said. “I’m the financier; I’ve worked at major banks for more than 10 years. I’ve been the best at everything I’ve ever done ”
Startups can only rely on friends, family, or savings for so long before they eventually have to find investors willing to pour money into start-ups in order to get involved in the business
Money that was invested in startups in the earliest days, perhaps when it’s just ideas or prototypes, is known as “seed capital”
When it comes to getting support for a startup, it is about trust, and that seems to be lacking when it comes to women entrepreneurs, according to Foundos and others interviewed by AFP
“I don’t think women need to be given anything,” Foundos said of venture capital support “But I think they don’t see the same number of deals”
Forte has grown rapidly as the pandemic has gyms and fitness centers scrambling to offer members online sessions
Foundos brought in a “right man,” a male partner with a British accent, to give potential investors a more traditional face and to increase their chances of getting funding
She has made it her business to ask venture capitalists she meets whether they have previously invested in women-run businesses and the answer has always been “no”
According to Allyson Kapin, General Partner at W Fund and founder of Women Who Tech (WWT), only a few percent of venture capital goes to women-led startups in the US
According to a recent WWT survey, it is common for female startup founders to be sexually suggested in exchange for funding or even an introduction to venture capitalists
Around 44 percent of the women founders surveyed reported harassment such as sexual insults or unwanted physical contact when looking for funding
And while a record was broken in venture capital funding last year, support for women-led startups fell despite data that such companies actually achieve better ROI, according to Kapin
“This is not about altruism or charity, it’s about making a (load) of money,” Kapin said of supporting women-led startups
The prospect of funding is becoming even more dire for women of color
Black entrepreneur Fonta Gilliam worked overseas with US State Department financial institutions before founding social banking startup Invest Sou Sou
Gilliam took the idea of ​​village park circles she’d seen in places like Africa and built it into a free mobile app that added artificial intelligence and worked with financial institutions
She created a sou-sou prototype and brought in revenue to show that it could be used for money, but still found it more difficult to get funding than male counterparts
“We always have to do well above average and overcompensate,” said Gilliam. “Where startups that are run by men are believed, we have to prove it ten times”
Gilliam received insultingly low ratings for her startup, some so predatory that she walked away
“We’re still lean and mean bootstrapping, but I think it will pay off in the end,” said Gilliam
“One thing about women and black-owned startups: Because there is such a high bar to get support, our companies are usually scratchier, stronger and more resilient”
According to Kapin and others, startups run by women tend to be outside the “pipeline” that unofficially leads entrepreneurs to venture capitalists
In Silicon Valley, this channel is open to male, white tech entrepreneurs from select universities such as Stanford
“The pipeline is filled with people from the same universities from a similar background, ”said Kapin
“It is not representative of the world, which is problematic because you are trying to solve the world’s problems through the lens of very few people – mostly white men”
Investors competing for gems in the foamy tech startup scrum are missing out on a plethora of returns and stability that can be achieved by investing in neglected female founders, according to Caroline Lewis, managing partner of the Rogue Women’s Fund, who does just that
“At the end of the day, it’s the right thing and it’s a good thing,” said Lewis

UK Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak will put forward plans to raise income tax by £ 6 billion ($ 836 billion), the Times reported on Sunday
The chancellor will say he needs to raise more than £ 40 billion to fix the budget deficit and protect the economy from rising government bond interest rates, the report said
The government said Saturday that Sunak would announce additional £ 5 billion grants in its budget to help businesses affected by pandemic lockdowns
Regardless, the government is expected to initially announce £ 12 billion in capital and £ 10 billion guarantees for the new UK infrastructure bank
A Telegraph report said Sunak is also considering bringing back the low win rate set by George Osborne in 2014 to help support small and medium-sized businesses

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News – PH – Tabreed Weather Monitoring AI Could Cool Homes From Dubai To Mecca
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