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Millions will be closely following the Holy Father’s visit to Iraq this weekend – but maybe no more than a two-part dance band from London and an Iraqi priest they worked with on their latest lead, Nick Benson explains Link

It has been almost 15 years since a young Iraqi teenager turned 16 Birthday left the state capital Baghdad

It wasn’t a decision he made lightly, but it was one that was forced upon him after receiving a death threat from a terrorist group

Fast forward to 2021 and this unique refugee is now the 30-year-old Father Daniel Alkhory, a priest who now works in his home country and has been looking forward to the Pope’s visit since his first announcement Alkhory partnered with London-based electronic dance act Ooberfuse to record a new song called Stand Up, which proclaims the rule of love and the end of hate

As part of his historic papal trip to Iraq this weekend, the Holy Father will visit the ancient Christian cities of Mosul and Qaraqosh and celebrate Mass at the Franso Hariri Stadium in Erbil

While he is there, he will give voice to the fears of the traumatized and encourage them to stay in their old homelands

In 2014, Daesh / Islamic State chased embedded Iraqi communities from their ancient homelands to build a global caliphate.These displaced groups, driven north, set up improvised refugee camps. Their basic needs for shelter, food and water were met by local and international ones humanitarian initiatives covered Father Alkhory led such a project and used his church to care for the traumatized refugees

At the time, the priest knew exactly what it felt like to be a refugee evicted from home. Eight years earlier, he had been forced to flee Baghdad in just 24 hours after being part of a terrorist group had received a death threat Failure to comply would have been a death sentence for him and his family

After this terrible ordeal, Father Alkhory responded to his calling from God, became a priest and, as he puts it, “turned my misery into service”

He returned to Iraq after the defeat of Daesh and is now a strong believer in the persecution of the country, which works day and night to instill hope in their hearts to stay in Iraq and the light and salt of the Country to be

“In 2014, my church became a shelter for thousands of displaced people who fled their homes as a result of ISIS attacks,” he recalls. “I work day and night to build hope in their hearts in Iraq stay ”

The priest has now translated this strength and hope into music and has teamed up with Ooberfuse to strengthen the hearts of the desperate as part of his first musical project

“I met Ooberfuse in 2015 and we became good friends, united in our shared desire to feed hope in the face of despair,” he said, “Our song Stand Up is a hymn of encouragement and a plea for peace”

The London-based band, consisting of singer Cherrie Anderson and musician Hal St John, fuses Eastern influences with Western pop and has built a worldwide reputation for their electric live performances She recently toured Japan, China, Korea and India, the Philippines, Italy, Spain and Portugal

Cherrie recalled meeting Father Alkhory in 2015 when he played for Refugees in Iraq. “We did some impromptu pop-up performances in the United Nations displacement camps and by Father Daniel,” she told The Catholic Universe “We would set up our sound system and, with Father Daniel, give the traumatized a break by playing a gig

“I am so happy to be working with Father Daniel on this song, bringing more encouragement and making unheard voices more audible”

Hal said the route was “longer in pregnancy than a baby elephant,” which can take up to 23 months!

The band stayed in touch with Father Daniel after that meeting in 2015 and caught up again when he visited the UK to present then Prime Minister Theresa May with a Bible that was burned in a Daesh attack on a church

The chance to work with the priest on a route timed to coincide with the Pope’s visit to Iraq is too good to miss, said Hal, although it posed some logistical challenges. “We were both Banned in our respective countries, so Father Daniel went to an Erbil recording studio and then sent us his vocal recordings for the draft track. We built the track around this ”

Cherrie added, “One of the great things about technology is that these days we are not limited by physical limitations on how we can collaborate. Virtual collaboration such as recording and production is now possible. The song took a while to complete, so look forward to it let’s share it now! “

When the duo discussed the Pope’s visit to Iraq, they hoped it would bring peace and healing to the war-torn country

“I think it’s quite a historic visit on many levels, not to mention the fact that this is the first time a Pope has stepped onto the plains of Nineveh, where so many Old Testament stories were lived “Said Hal” More recently, the city of Mosul is known to our generation as a battlefield where soldiers fell to defend valuable traditions against Daesh terrorist groups “

He paid tribute to the many lives lost, including the victims of the genocide of the Yazidis and the ancient Christian communities who were forcibly evicted from their homes, and hoped that Pope Francis “will show that we can live side by side in peace be able to live”

“God’s fertile abundance is sufficient to provide us all so that we do not have to fight but rather love one another,” he said More importantly, its very presence in these areas will soothe the wounds and heal the pain of those survivors who are building for the future and who are haunted by the horrors of the past ”

Recalling her experience of visiting the Holy Father in her home country in the Philippines, Cherrie said she wanted his visit to rekindle hope in the hearts of Iraq

“I hope the message of peace and hope resonates in the hearts of local communities and also in the hearts of everyone else in the world,” she said

“I was in my birthplace, Tacloban, Philippines, when Pope Francis visited as part of his Mercy Mission, and I pray that his visit to Iraq will rekindle hope in people’s hearts as it has done in mine. and remind us that the Lord will never forsake us whatever we see ”

Cherrie said she would also like to believe that her collaboration with Father Alkhory will bring a message of hope to anyone who listens that will help them realize “that we are all brothers and sisters”

“I also hope they hear the call to stand up, stand up and not just keep silent. The choir speaks of being a message of hope and not hate,” she added

Hal described the collaboration as a moment of celebration, pointing out that the power of music helps build bridges and bring people together in a common brotherhood

“We hope everyone drops their guns so they can put their hands in the air to celebrate the coming of peace,” he said. “We joke our genre of music is EDM – Erbil Dance Music!

“We have worked with some drummers from Baghdad whose rhythms deliver authentic flavors throughout the song, but Father Daniel is our main inspiration with his gentle inflections and uncompromising call to end hatred so love can reign”

Hal added that the band is “privileged” to be part of Father Alkhory’s mission to preserve fragile communities and build resilience as most of the displaced are returning to their homes

“We worked day and night to work together and make our track as festive as possible,” he said. “After a masterclass from DJ / producer Armin Van Buuren and some excellent production from Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, Stand Up is now available ”

And he swore, “Love will reign again to end the hatred that plagued Iraq and the Middle East”

Get up at Ooberfuse ft. Father Daniel Alkhory is out now To listen to the song, go to: Youtube: https: // youtube / 3mk9COKvEJ0 or Soundcloud: https: // soundcloudcom / ooberfuse / stand-up-ft-fr- daniel-iraq / s-u2Y7rKtWHOl

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News – PH – The music scene: Stand up – God’s love will find a way – The Catholic universe
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