News – PH – The UK’s blood plasma drug ban was lifted 20 years after the mad cow disease


Due to the ban, up to 250000 British blood plasma donations discarded

Blood plasma from UK donors may be used in medicines for the first time since 1998

A ban on the use of blood plasma from the UK for medical treatments, imposed on fears about the spread of mad cow disease, has been lifted by ministers

The Department of Health and Welfare said the change would mean the UK would no longer rely on imported plasma to develop treatments known as immunoglobulins that are used to treat cancer patients and other people with weak immune systems becomes

The decision follows a review of the evidence by experts from the Independent Commission on Medicinal Products for Human Use who have recommended the resumption of UK plasma plasma supply overseas has been hampered by a decline in donations and increased demand worldwide

Immunoglobulins could also prove effective against coronavirus if plasma from Covid-19 survivors is tested as a treatment

The ban was originally introduced in 1998 amid concerns about the spread of the human variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or mad cow disease

Since then, the UK has relied on imported blood plasma from the US for the production of its drugs, but with increasing global demand, the supply has come under pressure.The Covid-19 pandemic has also reached the donation quota
The government said the change would mean the UK would be self-sufficient and would impose a condition that plasma donated in the UK cannot be exported

NHS Blood and Transplant collects around 350 each year000 liters of plasma, of which 100000 will be used for the transfusion and the remaining 250000 thrown away or not used in the manufacture of medicines

As a result of the ban on the ban, plasma from donated whole blood is used to save lives and make medicines

Stacey Garrity’s son Xander suffers from XLA, a condition that affects his immune system’s ability to fight infections. She said, “My son’s condition means he cannot make the antibodies he needs to keep him from getting infected to protect We rely on a life-saving drug called immunoglobulin to keep him healthy and healthy

“By lifting the UK ban on the use of plasma, the UK can begin to become more self-sufficient in the manufacture of immunoglobulin products This is a good thing for people like my son as it increases the security of supply of treatment, that he relies on to fight infection ”

The Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) last year reviewed the evidence of the safety of UK blood plasma in the manufacture of immunoglobulins

One of the security measures that will come with the lifting of the ban is the ability to trace donations from the donor to the patient Each drug is individually checked and rated by the MHRA

Health Secretary Lord Bethell said: “After having given expert advice, I am pleased that we can now lift this ban in order to give thousands of NHS patients access to these potentially life-saving treatments as soon as possible

“The move will also help England become self-sufficient and we don’t just have to rely on imports from other countries to make sure every NHS patient always has access to the treatments they need

“The safety of NHS patients remains our absolute priority and we have taken strict precautions to ensure each batch is safe”

Blood plasma from UK donors may be used in medicines for the first time since 1998

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News – PH – UK blood plasma drug bans lifted 20 years after mad cow disease
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