News – PH – “The way to pay off debt is to have more exportable products” “


Science Minister Pedro Duque to confirm: “It is not only possible but also necessary to increase investment in science in Spain, a goal that Atresmedia is also pursuing the success of the“ Goal 2 % “In this way the Minister made it clear that Spain lags behind the average European country Very little investment has been made in the past decade by comparison. For this reason, he argues that “science needs a lot of improvements, especially the conditions of the people” who devote themselves to it

Method of debt repayment There are more exportable products, that people’s salaries are higher, and that they contribute more to social security. All of this can only be achieved if technology and science are developed ”

With that in mind, he made it clear that other ministers would of course want other things from him if he asked for double investments in science. “Everyone should try to bring resources into the area of ​​interest. It goes without saying that there is a dialogue gives “

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News – PH – “The way to pay off debts is to have more exportable products” ”
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” The Way to pay off debts is to have more exportable products ”