News – PH – There is evidence that the Chinese military is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, the former NSA deputy says


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Donald Trump’s administration regularly exchanged barbs with Chinese officials about the origins of deadly coronavirus outbreaks around the world The ex-POTUS insistently referred to the novel infectious disease as “the Chinese virus”, much to Beijing’s annoyance

The US has “very strong reason to believe” that the Chinese military conducted some classified animal tests in the Wuhan virology lab that must have had a flu-like illness in the fall of 2019, Matthew Pottinger, deputy national security adviser for the Former President Donald Trump, has claimed “Face the Nation” on CBS News

He said, “The ledger on the side of the statement that [the outbreak] resulted from some kind of human error far outweighs the side of the scale that says this was a natural outbreak,” and added that the experiments could have been run all the way back to at least 2017

Pottinger believed that the Chinese authorities could have specific reasons to cover up the spread of the virus, but the doctors there were aware and spoke openly about a highly contagious virus that was “silently” from a person wandered to the other

“We had about a dozen [disease control and prevention centers] in China,” Pottinger said. “We have had a lot of CDC officials in the US dealing with Chinese doctors … they said this thing wasn’t How SARS Will Be It will be like the 1918 flu pandemic because it spreads silently “

He deplored the fact that US officials were “a little too gullible” as they were “waiting to get information if we didn’t want that information” from the Chinese Communist government, who noticed the ex-officials , did not reach out to the country’s CDC to deal with the matter, but “to the military”

The Trump administration has not neglected its words throughout 2020 as it commented on the suspected origins of the virus and openly accused China, where the first flare-up was registered in December 2019, to be responsible for the deadly pandemic was

Trump often referred to the COVID-19 pathogen as the “Chinese virus” and said 184 countries had suffered from it, while it “could have been solved very easily when it started” However, Chinese officials hit back at the time, emphasizing their desire to let the world know about the spread of the virus, and rushed to recommend ways to fight the disease once they had them figured out and reviewed all the relevant information

The World Health Organization that reported the COVID-19 outbreak on Nov. March 2020 declared a pandemic, is currently still investigating the possible causes of the novel virus spread, after it has so far announced that the zoonotic (animal) source of SARS-CoV is present -2 remains unknown

However, its report released in late March 2020 states that a large portion of the first cases in late December 2019 and early January 2020 were directly related to the Huanan seafood wholesaler in Wuhan, which is home to seafood, wildlife, and farm animals Species have been sold The pandemic has so far claimed over 2.4 million people live around the world

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News – PH – There is evidence that the Chinese military is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, the former NSA says
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