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Some of the coolest luxury cars weren’t built by the established and reputable luxury brands, but rather by everyday automakers

Luxury cars have some giant boots that fill consumers’ eyes and must be practical, fast, and good-looking, but most importantly, they must have the latest tech and luxury features to make all occupants feel special, even if they are massively devalued they can still impress many people

Some brands like Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Audi, and a few others have established themselves as the luxury auto makers in the industry, however, a long time ago, regular automakers thought there was a luxury sedan market where buyers don’t care what type of Badge is on the front. Most of them flopped despite being awesome

Many people see the legend as a rival to the Lexus LS, which hails from the same country.Interestingly, the legend was a few years older than the LS and debuted in 1985. At the time, it was Honda’s flagship, only available in select dealers, and the premium Wore Acura emblem in North America

The Legend used a V6 powertrain in almost all of its iterations, which was very powerful but also extremely reliable.It is not uncommon for Legends with more than 300000 miles still chugging on the odometer In addition, Honda / Acura made a swanky coupé version of the Legend, which was even available with a manual transmission

Nissan already has a luxury car brand in most of the world Infiniti Aside from Infiniti’s serious downward spiral in recent years, the brand has long been selling luxury sedans labeled as Nissans in their homeland, and one of the best is hands down the Cedric

The Y34-generation Cedric was the last generation of this underrated sedan before the Fuga (Infiniti M) replaced it in 2004. It was available with a variety of 6-cylinder engines, including the RB25DET you may have heard of in some Countries it was used as a taxi, but it was a very cool luxury sedan and it’s a shame it wasn’t sold overseas

In the 1950s, almost every car looked the same, had the same comfort and the same interior. Then Citroen completely changed the game with the DS, which completely revolutionized the cars as a whole, especially in the areas of chassis engineering and technology. p>

Over 50 years later, Citroën unveiled the C6, which was a full-fledged luxury sedan aimed directly at the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class Obviously, it didn’t do nearly as well as these cars, but it had a lot going for it aside Thanks to the Hydractive chassis, the C6 had one of the most comfortable driving setups in history

at a lower base price

Introduced in 1989, the 605 replaced the aging 604, which was great but didn’t sell very well.It was Peugeot’s penultimate true luxury car offering and was built around the time when Peugeots were durable, reliable and great to drive The 605 is no exception

It was luxurious, simple but good looking, and it was fast enough as long as the right engine was started.It was even available with a 24V V6, and that’s the model everyone is looking for.Unfortunately, not many people cared about it for it, and the write-off hit hard within a few years, let alone now

To be honest, Renault has tried several times to get into the luxury car market with some of its cars that the Safrane made in the ’90s was a brave effort, but it hasn’t done much for the brand, even with the insane biturbo version In the In the early 2000s, Renault tried again with the Vel Satis

People were instantly very confused, mostly because of the unorthodox proportions of the Vel Satis; The lower half of the car is like a sedan, but then the roof and glass surface appear to have lifted off a minivan. Reliability and depreciation problems plagued this car too, but it had a trick up its sleeve; it was available with the 3.5 V6 from the Nissan 350Z Yeah really

Before Hyundai spun off Genesis, which won multiple design awards, into its own luxury brand in 2015, the brand sold a huge number of luxury models in South Korea, including the original Equus. In 2010, Hyundai brought the Equus to the US, which obviously didn’t work very well a shame

Literally, the Equus was a proper luxury sedan.It used a V8 engine, had an RWD platform and was just as luxurious as its European contemporaries.It not only started at a much lower base price, but is now an absolute bargain , especially after considering Hyundai’s 10-year CPO program for free repairs

After the 605, which didn’t do particularly well, Peugeot decided to take a final leap into the luxury sedan formula, Enter the 607, unveiled in 2004 To everyone’s surprise, it was actually based on its predecessor’s platform

When Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson drove this car (at the time) he wasn’t a huge fan of it.We all know Clarkson was particularly critical of the 2000s Peugeots, but the reality is that the 607 is a great car The styling was perhaps a little dubious, but it was great at what it did for what a luxury sedan was if only it was old enough to import into the US

It’s no secret that Mazda is currently fighting its way into the premium segment, but it’s not the first time they have done so Years ago, Mazda made various attempts to sell models to luxury car buyers, one of the fruits of their labor is the 929

The 929 was available under a variety of names including the Sentia and the related Luce (which used a rotary motor) It was a pretty decent attempt at a luxury sedan. It was comfortable, subtle, and beautiful to sit in, too, thanks to a 190-hp V6 under the hood

In the early 2000s, Volkswagen made some really and adorable bizarre cars.Some years earlier they put the VR6 in almost everything, and in the 2000s it found its way into the Golf R32 and Passat R36, one of the quirkiest cars out of this one Time is the Phaeton

For some reason VW believed they needed a rival to the Mercedes S-Class, they borrowed the Bentley’s Flying Spur platform and created the Phaeton, which was more luxurious than an S-Class with a stick It was also available with the ridiculous V10 turbodiesel, and the W12 also got pinched by Bentley, unfortunately, it was a total flop

While Hyundai aims to hit the luxury auto market with the Genesis brand and some very compelling offerings, Kia still has a luxury sedan warehouse at just one Kia badge, and the K900, sold in markets other than the K9 or Quoris, is a very underrated luxury cargo

It offers the same level of comfort, design, functionality and luxury as a Mercedes S-Class, but at a much cheaper price. Kia common sense technology has also found its way into the K900, for example with cameras for the blind spot of the instrument cluster Brand new or used, the K900 is an absolute luxury car bargain

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News – PH – These fantastic luxury sedans are made by everyday car brands