News – PH – Triumph Motorcycle Philippines is now accepting reservations for P499K Trident


British motorcycle brand Triumph wants more Filipinos to ride this classic English marquee It is optimistic with a new model that could shake up the medium-duty roadster segment with its three-cylinder engine, technology and competitive prices

The Trident is powered by a 660cc in-line three-cylinder engine that has a peak output of 81 hp at 10250 rpm and a maximum torque of 64 Nm at 6250 rpm generated All this power is handled by ride-by-wire technology with two driving modes and adjustable traction control The driving modes “Road” and “Rain” adjust the accelerator pedal and traction control There is also a switchable traction control which is in Both driving modes are integrated and which can also be deactivated directly via the instrument menu

It also comes with a new 7-inch full-LED headlamp There is also an LED taillight and self-extinguishing LED indicators

Opposite the driver is a multifunctional TFT display that can connect to your phone via the My Triumph Connectivity app. In addition to the usual navigation and music controls, the app also contains GoPro camera controls

The Trident is designed to combine the low and mid-range of a twin with the peak performance of a four-cylinder engine, delivering the best of all worlds. Best of all, it will be one of the most affordable models in the entire Triumph line-up and as a very appealing entry-level model serves

The Trident is also perfect for Pinoy riders with a seat height of only 805 mm and a wet weight of only 189 kg

The Triumph Trident is now open for reservations with units scheduled to arrive in the second half of 2021

It will be available in two variants, one priced at 499000 pesetas with a choice of crystal white and sapphire black. The price for the top model is P505000, available in Silver Ice / Diablo Red, Matt Jet Black / Silver Ice The motorcycles can also be equipped with an optional quickshifter kit for shift assistants for upshifting and downshifting for the price of P15000 (


A deposit of 100 is required to reserve000 pesetas required Refundable to those who change their mind

To learn more, visit Triumph Motorcycles on Facebook or contact them via their sales line: 639171183589

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd, BSA Rocket 3 / Triumph Trident, Malaysia

News – PH – Triumph Motorcycle Philippines is now accepting reservations for P499K Trident
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