News – PH – University of Suffolk to combine online and in-person learning after Covid


University of Suffolk bosses have stated that a mix of campus and online learning will be used after Covid

University leaders in Suffolk have stated that a mix of online and face-to-face learning will remain for their post-Covid courses

Vice Chancellor Professor Helen Langton shared the University of Suffolk’s 10-year vision with the Suffolk Public Sector Leaders who gathered with Council, Health and Police Chiefs on Friday

“It is imperative that our students have an active learning experience that enables them to learn independently,” she said of the meeting

“Technology has never been more important in the last year, and we will not fully deliver again like we did before Covid

“I have no doubt that a blended approach with more online and more back on campus will be the way forward”

The extent of online and face-to-face learning in the future will likely be determined by the courses Practical degrees in nursing and midwifery are likely to require more in-person learning or internship than more academic subjects

Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Mohammad Dastbaz said: “We certainly have a lot more commitment from our students [during the pandemic] because sometimes they don’t have to drive two hours to campus to attend a lecture

“We did a survey of our students and I think most of them will no longer want to go back to what was before Covid and they are more likely to agree with a mixed approach – iche, some virtual delivery and some face to face “

According to the university, around three-quarters of the students were from East Anglia, while many were mature students or worked part-time

It is understood that these factors can also contribute to a blended approach to learning so that studying can be more incorporated into people’s working lives than on-campus learning

However, questions remain for those paying for courses whose learning had to be switched to fully remote learning as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown measures

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s roadmap to easing the lockdown found that students who couldn’t complete their courses if they couldn’t use the hands-on facilities would stop starting Aug. March could return to campus

However, those who do not fall under this category will have to wait until the end of Easter for the government review

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News – PH – University of Suffolk to combine online and in-person learning after Covid
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