News – PH – USCIS returns to Pre-Trump U Citizenship test


This action is in line with President Biden’s Executive Order to restore faith in our legal immigration systems and conduct a comprehensive review of the naturalization process to remove obstacles and make the process more accessible to all eligible persons to the Process thoroughly check REUTERS-FILE

WASHINGTON – The 2008 version of the US. Naturalization test is effective from 1 March 2021 return the U Citizenship and Immigration Service announced

This move is in line with President Biden’s Ordinance Restoring Faith in Our Legal Immigration Systems, which includes a full review of the naturalization process to remove obstacles and make the process more accessible to all eligible persons

On Dec. 1, 2020, USCIS under the Trump administration had conducted a revised naturalization test (Citizenship Test 2020); However, the agency has now determined that the revised version may pose potential obstacles to the naturalization process

The Trump Citizenship Test had increased the number of questions from 100 to 128. To obtain citizenship, applicants must answer 12 out of 20 questions correctly. The 2008 naturalization test only required six correct answers out of 10 questions

The Pre-Trump 2008 Citizen Test was thoroughly developed over a multi-year period with the involvement of more than 150 organizations, including English as a second language experts, educators, and historians, and piloted prior to its implementation

The citizen test is given to applicants who apply for US Citizenship by naturalization and is one of the legal requirements for naturalization. Applicants must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of the history, principles, and governance of the United States

People who applied for naturalization on or after December 1, 2020 and before 1 March 2021 likely to have studied for the 2020 test; Therefore, USCIS will give these applicants the option to take either the 2020 Citizen Test or the 2008 Citizen Test, there will be a transition period during which both tests will be offered

The 2020 test will be on 19 April 2021 for the first test participants expire Submit March 2021, will take the citizen test 2008

The test objects and study guides can be found in the Citizenship Resource Center on the USCIS website. For more information on USCIS and programs, visit visituscisGovernment

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News – PH – USCIS returns to Pre-Trump US Citizenship test