News – PH – Woman vaccinated on FB viral photo isn’t me – Robredo


MANILA, Philippines – Vice President Leni Robredo made it clear on Tuesday that the woman who was vaccinated in a photo that went viral on social media wasn’t her as reported by supporters of the administration / p>

“This is ridiculously funny. It’s not me,” Robredo said in a Facebook post, partly in Filipino, with a face palm emoji. “I didn’t want to respond, but so many sent me screenshots. please report this [on Facebook]”

The screenshots Robredo got showed supporters of the administration sharing a photo of a woman who they suggested had been given a COVID-19 vaccine for the show

Those who shared the photos asked why the sleeve of the woman’s shirt wasn’t rolled up during the spraying

That’s ridiculously funny🥴 Hindi po ako yan🤦🏻‍♀️Ayoko na sanang patulan pero ang damn nagpapadala ng mga…

In the same Facebook post, Robredo said, “I was told that the lady in the picture was Dr Flordeliza Grana, a pediatric surgeon at the Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center (ARMMC), wore a Bakuna blouse – the sleeves have slits ”

The photos used by the administration’s supporters – and Robredo critics – were obtained from INQUIRER’s Facebook page, which was part of coverage of the COVID-19 vaccine launch on Tuesday

The rollout began on Monday, one day after the arrival of the CoronaVac vaccines made by Sinova BioTeach and donated by China

Pro Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot shared the photo on her Facebook page despite not mentioning Robredo in her post, however, her followers and supporters quoted the Vice President

“I know this is symbolic Pero Sana (sic) naman tinaas ang manggas para mas kapanianiwala Eksena 101,” Sasot said on her Facebook post

As of this writing, the photos have over 951 shares and 655 comments on Sasot’s post, which used a downloaded version of the INQUIRER, the net photo has 426 shares and 1100 comments, most of which are critical of Robredo

I know this is symbolic Pero sana tinaas ang manggas para mas kapanipaniwala Eksena 101 PS. Hindi si Leni ito And dawn can split Manggas

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News – PH – Woman vaccinated on FB viral photo is not me – Robredo