News – PH – Worldwide Hemodialysis & Peritoneal Dialysis Industry Through 2027 – Rising prevalence of kidney disease, diabetes and high blood pressure is driving growth


Dublin, February 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The report “Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Market by Product, Type, and End User – Global Forecast to 2027” has been added to ResearchAndMarketscom offer following extensive secondary and primary research and an in-depth analysis of the market scenario, the report enumerates key drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities in the industry The increasing prevalence of kidney disease, diabetes, and hypertension; increasing number of dialysis centers; Chronic Kidney Care Initiatives; and kidney transplant shortages are the main driving forces In addition, technological advances provide market participants with significant growth opportunities over the forecast period, however, reimbursement concerns in emerging markets and strict regulatory guidelines for the approval and manufacture of dialysis products are hampering the growth of this market to some extent, based on the peritoneal dialysis product type is estimated that the Consumables segment will have the largest share of this market in 2020 The large share of this segment is mainly due to the need for consumables for peritoneal dialysis for both types of peritoneal dialysis, depending on the type, it is estimated that the conventional segment will have the largest market share in 2020 The Patients’ preference for conventional hemodialysis due to its feasibility is one of the drivers for this segmentBased on end-users, hospitals ren, clinics and & dialysis centers, dialysis products are widely used to treat the patients as the increasing prevalence of ESRD due to increased diabetes and hypertension is observed. An in-depth analysis of the geographic scenario of the Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis market provides detailed qualitative and quantitative insights into the top five regions (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa) along with the coverage of the major countries in each region, it is estimated that North America will have the largest share of the Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis market in 2020, followed by Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East by & Africa The major players in the Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis market are Becton, Dickinson and Company (US.), Dialife SA (Switzerland), Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co KGaA (Germany), Asahi Kasei Medical Co, Ltd. (Japan), Baxter International Inc (US.), B Braun Melsungen AG (Germany), MEDTRONIC PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY (Ireland), Nipro Corporation (Japan) and Toray Industries, Inc (Japan) Main Topics Covered: 1 Introduction11 Market Definition12 Market Ecosystem13 Currency14 Key Players2 Research Methodology21 Research Process22 Data Collection & Validation221 Desk Research222 Primary Research23 Market Assessment231 Market Size Estimation2311 Bottom-Up Approach2312 Top-Down Assessment Summary2321 Growth Forecast232 Market Share Analysis254 Study Drivers Preference321 , Diabetes and High Blood Pressure422 Lack of & Side Effects of Kidney Transplantation423 Chronic Kidney Care Initiatives424 Increasing Number of Dialysis Centers43 Restrictions431 Reimbursement Concerns in Emerging Markets432 Strict Guidelines for Approval and Manufacturing of Dialysis Products44 Opportunities441 Technological Advances45 Challenges451 Increase in Complications Associated with COVID Treatment4646 COVID Treatment -19-Influence on Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis5 Global Hemodialysis Market by Product51 Introduction52 Consumables521 Dialyzers522 Concentrates / Dialysates523 Bloodlines524 Other Hemodialysis Consumables53 Equipment531 Center-Use532 Home Use6 Global Peritoneal Dialysis Equipment Market621622 Consumables / Dialysate Consumables by Product621 For Hemodialysis And Peritoneal Dialysis By Type71 Introduction72 Conventional73 Short Daily74 Nocturnal8 Global Hemodialysis And Peritoneal Dialysis Market, By End User81 Introduction82 Hospitals, Clinics, & Dialysis Centers83 Home Care Settings9 Hemodialysis And Peritoneal Dialysis Market92 North America91S.922 Canada93 Europe931 Germany932 France933 UK934 Italy935 Spain936 Rest of Europe94 Asia-Pacific941 Japan942 China943 India944 Rest of Asia-Pacific (RoAPAC) 95 Latin America96 Middle East & Africa10 Competitive Landscape101 Introduction102 Key Growth Strategies103 Competitive Benchmarking1031 Competitive Benchmarking – By Products104 Medical Market Share Analysis: Healthcare Industry1041 & Co KGaA (Germany) 10412 Baxter International Inc (US.) 10413 Nipro Corporation (Japan) 1042 Market Share Analysis: Peritoneal Dialysis Industry 10421 Baxter International Inc (US.) 10422 Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co KGaA (Germany) 11 Company profiles (business overview, financial overview, product portfolio and strategic developments) 111 Becton, Dickinson and Company112 Dialife SA113 Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co KGaA114 Asahi Kasei Medical Co, GmbH (subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Corporation) 115 WEGO Healthcare (Shenzhen) Co, GmbH116 Baxter International, Inc117 B Braun Melsungen AG118 Medtronic Plc119 Kawasumi Laboratories, Incorporation1110 Nipro Corporation1111 Quanta Dialysis Technologies Limited1112 Toray Industries, Inc12 Appendix 121 Questionnaire 122 Adaptation available Further information on this report can be found at https: // wwwForschung und Märktecom / r / p9c9vl

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(Bloomberg) – The jet engine fan blade that detached on a United Airlines plane near Denver on Saturday, causing a massive failure that resulted in dozens of Boeing Co. According to Robert Sumwalt, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, 777 resulted from metal fatigueA preliminary examination of fragments found after the episode of raining chunks of metal in a suburb indicated that a crack that was gradually growing over time increased, led to failure, Sumwalt said Monday night. NTSB investigators have begun reviewing maintenance records, interviewing the crew and examining the two crash-proof recorders recovered from the aircraft, Sumwalt said they are also examining the possible similarity to other errors, “Ours Mission is to understand not only what happened but why it happened so we can prevent it from happening again, “he added. The motors were PW4077, built by Pratt & Whitney, a division of Raytheon Technologies Corp. On Dec In 4 a blade broke on a similar engine operated by Japan Airlines Co GmbH 777-200, which took off from Okinawa on a flight to TokyoJapan establishes Boeing 777 after failure of the United Jet Engine On Sunday the Japanese Ministry of Transport ordered JAL and ANA Holdings Inc Boeing 777 with the Pratt & Whitney engines to ground until it is clear whether countermeasures are needed After the incident in December, the department directed the airlines to step up engine inspections The Federal Aviation Administration had been investigating the incident in Japan to investigate However, after the Okinawa episode, “the FAA reviewed previous inspection records and engine maintenance history, performed a metallurgical examination of the fan blade fragment to determine the cause of the breakage , and looked at whether the blade inspections should be adjusted, “the agency said in a statement on Monday evening. Boeing shares slipped 1.1% in New York pre-market trading on Tuesday as U. fellS. The engine on the right side of United Flight 328 failed shortly after the plane took off from Denver to Hawaii on Saturday.A pair of fan blades broke off, hitting the structure at the front of the engine, tearing away most of the debris that was from Heavy metal objects to lighter insulation materials fell to the ground, and passengers captured video of the mangled engine spewing flames Airlines like United have grounded their 777s to the Pratt & Whitney engines while waiting for existing fan blade inspections to determine Whether more are at risk Boeing said 69 such aircraft were in service and 59 were in storage. FAA chief Steve Dickson said Sunday the agency was preparing to issue an emergency policy requiring inspections. “FAA security experts continue to review all available data from the investigation into the incident on Sam stag, “the agency said.” According to the team’s analysis, the FAA will issue an airworthiness policy for emergencies. South Korea on Tuesday ordered its transport companies to carry out controls on Korean Air Lines Co has 16,777 jets powered, while Asiana Airlines Inc has nine and Jin Air Co operates four broken blade.One of the broken fan blades on the United flight was tucked into an armored ring around the engine to keep debris from leaking. Part of the parts that came off the plane was most of the front of the engine, the designed for smooth airflow into the engine and not as well protected against failure. The NTSB, after a similar fan blade failure at a Southwest Airlines Co. 737-700 in April 2018 called on the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency to check that these areas of the engines were adequately protected, but Umwalt did not comment on whether Saturday’s failure resembled the Southwest episode, but said it was all debris the engine originated from unprotected areas. That means the incident is technically not an “uncontrolled failure”, he said. “From a practical point of view, it doesn’t matter to the flying audience,” he said. “It was still an event we don’t like See “The debris from the engine hit parts of the aircraft but did not cause any significant damage,” Sumwalt added. A photo released by the NTSB showed a large furrow under the wing where it connects to the fuselage, but Sumwalt said the damage was due to a minor one Plastic cover had appeared over the area known as the fairing and did not threaten the structure of the aircraft Pratt & Whitney engines on the 777 were being operated by airlines around the world after a United jet flew from San Francisco to Hawaii on February 13, 2018.The FAA issued a policy on March 2019 ordering the action required fan blades to be checked before a total of 7It required the use of a technique called thermal acoustic imaging, similar to ultrasound for use in medicine, bombarding the titanium blades with energy waves to detect defects in the metal. Upon completion of this work, operators had to carry out the inspections within the previous directive the next 1Repeat 000 flights All 9600 operating blades on the engines were inspected after the 2018 failure, the NTSB said after completing an investigation into the failure, NTSB investigators concluded that Pratt & Whitney staff were involved in the 2010 and 2015 inspections Missed a growing crack in the blade The evidence of weakening of the metal was traced back to paint on the blade, said the NTSB (Updated Clearances, Adds South Korean Inspections Dec. Paragraph addedFor more articles like this, please join us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

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(Bloomberg) – UK Domestic stocks rose Tuesday as travel and entertainment stocks rose after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans to reopen the FTSE 250 index from Mid-Cap U.K Stocks jumped as much as 14%, with profits reduced to 0.2% by 11:18 am in London after Johnson promised to gradually relax lockdown rules over the next four months, including the possibility of international travel as early as Jan. Resumed May The outperformance was particularly pronounced when the European benchmark Stoxx 600 index fell 1.2% The news brought relief to cyclical and domestically oriented companies that had suffered from the pandemic last year as the lockdowns on economic growth and consumer spending stressed Johnson is under pressure to accelerate reopening plans after the economy experiences its deepest recession in more than 300 years “The news will be the light at the end of the tunnel for the services side of the economy, where restrictions are placed on closely-knit industries were devastating, “Oliver Blackbourn, multiple asset portfolio manager at Janus HendersonEasyJet Plc, rose as much as 12% after ticket sales more than quadrupled in the hours after Johnson drafted a return to aviation roadmap, told Wizz Air Holdings Plc jumped r by 59%, while Ryanair Holdings Plc also grew, while retailer WH Smith Plc, which operates stores at airports and train stations, gained up to 8-2%, while hotel and restaurant chain owner Whitbread Plc rose as much as 4.9% SSP Group Plc Catering and Concession Services, Growing Up to 22% “We are seeing a strong acceleration in the reopening of trade,” said Karim Moussalem, Head of Cash Equities at Cantor Fitzgerald Europe in London on Travel and Leisure, “it is pretty clear panic buying is coming, “he said over the phone. The prospect of reopening the economy and accelerating the vaccination program is bringing more fans to USAK stockswhich, according to Bank of America Corp.Fund managers survey is the world’s largest underweight stock market, BlackRock Investment Institute strategists overweight UK Stocks this week saying the evaporation of uncertainty over a Brexit deal should remove UK’s risk premium Assets They also prefer UK Large caps as an “attractive game” for the global economic recoveryFor more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

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Dublin, February 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The report, “Forklifts Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunities, and Forecast 2021-2026” has been added to ResearchAndMarketscom listing the global Forklifts Market reached a value of $ 547 billion in 2020 A forklift is an industrial machine made up of two horizontal tines for loading, unloading, and moving goods and materials over short distances.It is usually operated by a trained machinist and is operated by either electric batteries or internal combustion engines powered forklifts are made up of various components such as truck frames, counterweights, forklifts, carts, and hydraulic cylinders that help in efficiently performing multiple industrial tasks.Because of these advantages, they find extensive applications in warehouses, factories, and shipyards in various industries including automotive, aerospace and space travel Global market trends and drivers for forklift trucks: The growing construction industry, along with rapid industrialization, is one of the key factors driving the growth of the market forklift trucks are extremely economical, user-friendly, powerful and easy to maintain as a result, they are often used to perform various industrial tasks and used to handle heavy building materials such as wood, steel and mortar.In addition, an increasing number of storage facilities in emerging markets are driving market growth.These trucks are used in distribution centers and warehouses for moving and retrieving loads from storage shelves, delivering components to assembly lines and Used to position materials for more effective handling. Various product innovations, including the development of fuel cell powered forklift trucks that can run on hydrogen, are also on offer ls positive outlook for market growth.These variants help to significantly reduce the carbon footprint and improve overall operational efficiency.Other factors, including technological advances to improve productivity and extensive research and development activities (R&D), are intended to further advance the market Going forward, the publisher expects the global forklift market to reach a value of 72 US $ 9 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 451% in the period 2021-2026. Competitive Landscape: The competitive landscape of the industry was also examined Some of the key players are Clark Material Handling Company, Crown Equipment Corporation, Godrej & Boyce, and Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd, Jungheinrich, KION Group, Mitsubishi Forklifts, Toyota Industries Corporation, etc.Key Questions Answered In This Report: How has the global forklift market developed to date and how will it develop in the years to come? What are the main regional markets? What is the impact of COVID-19 on the global forklift market? What is the division of the market based on product type? What is the division of the market based on technology? What is the division of the market based on class? What is the division of the market based on application? What are the different phases in the industry value chain? What are the main driving factors and challenges in the industry? What is the structure of the global forklift truck market and who are the main players? How strong is the competition in the industry? ? Main topics covered: 1 Foreword2 Scope and methodology21 Objectives of the study22 Stakeholders23 Data sources231 Primary sources232 Secondary sources24 Market estimate241 Bottom-up approach242 Top-down approach25 Forecasting method3 Summary4 ​​Introduction41 Overview42 Key industry trends5 Global forklifts market51 Market overview52 Market performance5311 Breakdown of the market by COVID-1954 Market forecast661 Market forecast62 Warehouse forklifts621 Market trends622 Market forecast7 Market breakdown by technology71 Power supply711 Market trends712 Market forecast72 Combustion engine driven721 Market trends722 Market forecast8 Market breakdown by class81 Class I811 Market trends812 Market forecast82 Class II821 Market trends122 Market forecast922 Market forecasting market trends9328 typen9121 stock and Vertriebszentren9122 Baustellen9123 Werften9124 Schneepflüge913 Marktprognose92 Industrial921 Markttrends922 Haupttypen9221 Fertigung9222 Recyclingvorgänge923 Marktprognose10 Market Breakdown by Region101 Nordamerika1011 United Staaten10111 Markttrends10112 Marktprognose1012 Kanada10121 Markttrends10122 Marktprognose102 Asia Pazifik1021 China10211 Markttrends10212 Marktprognose1012 Japan10221 Markttrends10222 Marktprognose1023 Indien10231 Markttrends10232 Marktprognose1024 Südkorea10241 Markttrends10242 Marktprognose1025 Australien10251 Markttrends10252 Marktprognose1026 Indonesien10261 Markttrends10262 Marktprognose1027 Andere10271 Markttrends10272 Marktprognose103 Europa1031 Germany10311 Market Trends10312 Market Forecast1032 France10321 Market Trends10322 Market Forecast1033 United Kingdom10331 Market Trends10332 Market Forecast1034 Italy10341 Market Trends10342 Market Forecast1035 Spain10351 Market Trends10352 Market Forecast1036 Russia10361 Market Trends1 0362 Marktprognose1037 Andere10371 Markttrends10372 Marktprognose104 Lateinamerika1041 Brasilien10411 Markttrends10412 Marktprognose1042 Mexiko10421 Markttrends10422 Marktprognose1043 Andere10431 Markttrends10432 Marktprognose105 Middle East and Afrika1051 Markttrends1052 Market Breakdown by Land1053 Marktprognose11 SWOT Analyse111 Übersicht112 Stärken113 Schwächen114 Möglichkeiten115 Bedrohungen12 Wertschöpfungskettenanalyse13 carrier Five Forces Analyse131 Übersicht132 bargaining power of Käufer133 bargaining power of Lieferanten134 degree of Wettbewerbs135 threat by new participants136 Replacement threat14 Competitive landscape141 Market structure142 Key players143 Profiles of the main players1431 Clark Material Handling Company14311 Company overview14312 Product portfolio1432 Crown Equipment Corporation14321 Company overview14322 Product portfolio1433 Godrej & Boyce14331 Company overview14332 Product portfolio1434 Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc14341 Company Overview14342 Product Portfolio14343 Finance1435 Hyundai Heavy Industries Co GmbH14351 Company overview14352 Product portfolio1436 Jungheinrich14361 Company overview14362 Product portfolio14363 Finances14364 SWOT analysis1437 KION Group14371 Company overview14372 Product portfolio14373 Finances1438 Mitsubishi forklifts14381 Company overview14382 Product portfolio14383 Finances1439 Toyota Industries Corporation and 14391 Company overview414392 Analysis For more information on this report: CONTACT: ResearchAndMarketscom Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager press @ researchandmarketscom For ES.T Office Hours Call 1-917-300-0470 for US/ CAN toll free at 1-800-526-8630 For GMT office hours, call 353-1-416-8900

The flight inspection market was founded at 4$ 281 valued at $ 99 million in 2019 and expected to be $ 8$ 060 will reach 80 million by 2027; It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8 1% from 2020 to 2027 Governments, as well as private and public companies, are investing enormous sums in strengthening their fleets of commercial aircraft to achieve global market reachNew York, Feb. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE ) – Reportlinkercom Announces the Release of the Report “Flight Inspection Market Forecast to 2027 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis By Solution [System and Services] and End User” – https: // wwwreportlinkercom / p06027536 /? utm_source = GNW In addition, increased security standards and improved guidelines for airport terminals increase the importance of flight inspection systems.In addition, the increased use of automatic flight inspection systems is helping to shorten uptime, improve process efficiency and save costs.Therefore, the demand for automatic flight inspection systems in airport facilities is increasing, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has CLT’s Air Traffic Control Tower more than 500 in 2018000 flights are managed and the number of flights is expected to be around 745 in the next 15 years000 flights increase In June 2020, FAA and Boeing Co has initiated the three-day certification test for the 737 MAX to ensure it is airworthy, the inspection procedures are being conducted to confirm that the device performance meets the defined standards The increasing demand from manufacturers for flight inspection systems and their supporting services is thus fueling the growth of the flight inspection market The COVID -19 pandemic outbreak has severe impact on international air traffic hindering commercial aircraft market Restrictions on transportation and international traffic are disrupting the aerospace industry, while the military aircraft sector has very little negative impact from this downturn The flight inspection market is of mixed impact from the pandemic situation For example, the demand for flight inspection services has remained stable or increased due to the standing aircraft fleet. On the other hand, the purchase of new F Aircraft, flight inspection systems and other investments in aircraft fleet expansion are reduced as pandemic has hampered aviation revenue Large number of airlines are facing large losses or some could be permanently closed A reduction in the number of aircraft and airlines can increase demand for flight inspection systems and services, which would curb the growth of the flight inspection market in the coming yearsThe flight inspection market is segmented by solution and end-userBased on the solution, the market is divided into systems and servicesThe systems segment held a larger market share in 2019According to end-users, the defense airport flight inspection market is commercial and commercial Airports Subdivided In 2019, the commercial airport segment had a larger market share The overall size of the flight inspection market was measured from both primary and secondary sources At the beginning of the research process, extensive desk research was carried out using internal and external sources to obtain qualitative and quantitative information related to the market, the process also serves to provide an overview and forecast for the flight inspection market in relation to all segments, it also provides an overview and forecast for the market based on all segmentations related to five major regions – North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and South America, also conducted primary interviews with industry participants and commentators to validate data and provide more analytical insights Participants in this process include industry experts such as vice presidents, business development managers, market intelligence managers and national sales managers, as well as external consultants such as valuation experts, research analysts and key opinion leaders, who specialize in the market for flight inspectionsSome important players on the world market are AERODATA AG; Airfield Technology, Inc;; Bombardier; ENAV S.pEIN ;; Norwegian Special Mission AS; Radiola Limited; Rhode & black; Saffron; FCS; and Textron Aviation IncRead the full report: https: // wwwreportlinkercom / p06027536 /? utm_source = GNWAbout ReportlinkerReportLinker is an award-winning research solution Reportlinker finds and organizes the latest industry data so you can get all the research you need – instantly in one place __________________________ CONTACT: Clare: clare @ reportlinkercom US: (339) -368-6001 Intl: 1 339-368- 6001

Nursing Home Visits in England: Who Will Your Family Designate Be? We want to hear from families how they will feel when they can visit their relatives in March Under new rules, nursing home residents can determine a person’s regular visitor Photo: John Phillips / Getty Images for ABA

La Juventus sarà protagonista di una nuova docu-series Amazon “L’emozione del campo, le storie che ruotano attorno a una partita, ma anche la vita di tutti i giorni, della prima Squadra e del Club Tutto quello che vi aspettereste di veder raccontare, ma anche tutto quello che non vi attete e che vi permetterà don’t come mai di entrare nel mondo Juve sarà al centro della nuova docu-series Amazon Original italiana ‘All or nothing: Juventus’, che seguirà La Squadra Dietro Le Quinte Durante Tutta La Stagione in Corso; one serie che sarà disponibile in esclusiva su Prime Video nel 2021 “, si legge in un comunicato del club bianconero” Dietro le quinte, si diceva: la produione, che per la prima volta porta in Italia il Franchise All or Nothing, già noto per average raccontato la vita di club icti di molti sport nel mondo, e che nel calcio ha già visto protagonisti Manchester City e Tottenham Hotspur, porterà gli spettatori in un viaggio stupefacente ed emozionante, in tutte le fasi della stagione che nei prossimi mesi arriverà ai suoi momenti più decisivi “, spiega ancora la Juventus” Attraverso le telecamere, avrete accesso all’Allianz Stadium, allo Juventus Training Center e, fuori dal campo, potrete conoscere come may prima la vitae e l’identità del club, not solo della prima Squadra e dei giocatori, ma anche del management e dello staff “” Siamo estremamente orgogliosi di essere tra i partner internazionali del Franchise All or Nothing “, commented Giorgio Ricci, CFO della Juventus” All or nothing: Juventus rappresenta un ulteriore passo avanti nell’evoluzione costante del nostro club The collaboration with Amazon Prime Video proposes to improve the brand and improve the world to reduce costs and improve the capacity of the mod Non vediamo l ‘ ora di mostrare al mondo cos’è realmente il brand Juventus e cosa Significa Davvero, grazie all’innegabile qualità e allo stile undeniably della serie All or Nothi ng “, ha aggiunto Ricci” Siamo entusiasti di iniziare questo viaggio con un club prestigetrioso come Juventus e offrire al pubblico italiano e internazionale uno sguardo straordinario e senza prezedenti su una delle Squadre più appassionanti al mondo “, Nicole Mondo Amazon “All or Nothing – has evidenziato- è divenuto un Franchise riconoscibile per l’eccellente qualità produttiva e la capità di offrire accesso esclusivo al dietro le quinte, e questa nuova serie italiana seguirà le orme dei su’oi fortunati precessori Non vediamo l’ora che i clienti Prime di tutto il mondo possano vivere da vicino le sfide quotidiane che questa straordinaria Squadra di campioni dovrà affrontare in quella che sarà una stagione memorabile “La serie Amazon Original ‘All or nothing: Juventus’ sarà disponibile in esclusiva su Prime Video nel 2021 Sarà prodotta da Fulwell 73 (I’m Bolt, Until I Die, The Class of 92) con gli Executive Producers Leo Pearlman and Ben Tu rner and showrunner Richard Cooke

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UK retail sales fell from year to February as stores rapidly shed their jobs Only supermarkets reported growth during the last COVID-19 lockdown, a poll on Thursday found In yet another sign of consumer behavior change during the lockdown, the online retail sales survey hit a new record high

Dublin, Feb. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Global and China Automotive Seat Motor Industry Report, 2020-2026 report has been added to Offer In the global automotive seat motor market, Japanese companies are leading the pack, and four are eight globally leading seat motor tycoons come from Japan (Denso, Nidec, Mitsuba and Mabuchi) and together hold a market share of 45 %.In addition, the German-based Bosch, Brose and Chinese colleagues Johnson Electric and Shenghuabo Group are the competitive suppliers of the car seat an essential part of a car in terms of driving comfort and safety and becoming more and more versatile with technological advancement, the electric seat or electric seat has come to the fore in the market and has height adjustment motors, slide motors, electronic control modules, heater, massager and memory, among other things The electric seat was initially for some luxury cars were available and then gradually upgraded to medium and high-end models, the sales boom of which in turn contributed to an increase in the rate of electric seat installation, which of course is a boon to the growing demand for car seats in Motors In 2019, motor seat motor shipments worldwide reached 157 million Units, a number estimated at around 147 million units worldwide in 2020 due to the still devastating COVID-19, hopefully to recover when the pandemic subsides and attracts nearly 217 million units in 2026 production and sales of high quality Cars is growing steadily every year in China, the world’s largest manufacturer and consumer of automobiles, demanding more and more car seat motors, deliveries of which reached 309 million units in 2019 and had a global share of more than 243% of the faster growing Chinese seat motor market n as the world market results from a shift in market demand to medium and high quality products and an increase in sales growth in medium and high quality passenger cars, which measurably stimulates the seat motor sector with at least 300 branches and branches in over 40 countries, the Nidec Corporation is dedicated the R&D, the production and sale of precision small motors to ultra-large electric motors, Nidec is also unmatched in the field of vehicle motors, sweeping about 165% shares in the market for car seat motors in 2019 and in first place Nidec entered China in 1989 and has now over 36 plants, 54 marketing companies and offices with almost 40000 employees In June 2020, Nidec announced about 100 billion JPY or RMB 6 to 5 billion to build a factory (which will host an R&D base) in Dalian, China, and the base will produce the drive motors for both battery electric vehicles and home appliances as one of the world’s largest auto parts suppliers and systems, Denso Corporation has 179 affiliates in more than 30 countries and regions With its automotive business primarily sourced from ASMO, Denso is aggressively innovating its latest technologies and electromechanical products and conducted a business reorganization with ASMO in 2017 (with ASMO’s motor business including the seat motor for motor vehicles in Denso)) In 2019, Denso held a worldwide share of 13Approximately 1% in the car seat motor market Denso (Tianjin) Motor Co, Ltd is the largest Denso car seat motor manufacturing facility in China with an annual capacity of more than 3 million units Johnson Electric was founded in 1959 and is a large multinational from Hong Kong, China The company has a strong leadership position in the design, R&D and production of micromotors and integrated motor systems000 contract workers in 23 countries, Johnson Electric is a leading global provider of solutions for front / rear seat driving, seat tilt, height adjustment, seat adjustment, headrest adjustment, lumbar support and haptic feedback. It captured a global market share of 101% in 2019 The “Global and China Automotive Seat Motor Industry Report, 2020-2026 “highlights: Automotive Seat Motor (definition, classification, technical standards, etc); Global Car Seat Motor Market (Status Quo, Market Size, Competitive Landscape, Etc.); China Car Seat Motor Market (Development Environment, Market Size, Competitive Patterns, Trends, Etc); Downstream sectors, including automotive and automotive seating (market size, competitive pattern, etc) Six foreign companies (Nidec, Denso, Mitsuba, Mabuchi, Bosch, Brose) and nine Chinese companies such as Johnson Electric, Shenghuabo Group, Zhejiang Founder Motor and Ningbo Shuanglin Auto Parts (operations, car seat motor business, etc.)) Main topics covered: 1 Overview of the automotive seat motor11 Motor vehicle seat12 Definition and classification13 Technical standards 2 Global automotive industry for seat motors21 Status Quo22 Market situation221 Market size222 Competitive landscape 3 China Automotive Seat Motor Industry31 Development environment32 Market situation321 Market size322 Competitive landscape33 Development trend 4 Downstream automotive seat industry41 Market automotive411 Global412 China42 .car seat421 Market size421 Foreign manufacturers of car seat motors51 Nidec511 Profil512 Service513 Head office motors for motor vehicles52 Mabuchi521 Profile522 Service523 Head office motors for motor vehicles53 Brose531 Profile532 Service533 Head office motors for motor vehicles534 Shanghai Brose Electric Motors Co, GmbH54 Denso541 Profile542 Service543 Earnings Structure544 R&D and Acquisitions545 Automotive Seat Motor Business546 Development in China55 Bosch551 Profile552 Service553 Head Office Motors for Motor Vehicles554 Bosch Automotive Products (Changsha) Co, Ltd.56 Mitsuba561 Profile562 Operation563 Headquarters Motors for Motor Vehicles564 Guangzhou Mitsuba Electric (Wuhan) Co, Ltd. 6 Chinese Car Seat Motor Manufacturers61 Johnson Electric611 Profile612 Service613 Car Seat Motor Business62 Shenghuabo Group621 Profil622 Car Seat Motor Business623 Zhejiang SHB Automotive Appliance, Shanghai Co, GmbH624 Zhejiang SHB Automotive Appliance, Anhui Co, Ltd.63 Founder Motor631 Profile632 Service633 Automotive Seat Motor Business64 Ningbo Shuanglin Auto Parts Co, Ltd.641 Profile642 Service643 Automotive Seat Motor Business65 Other651 Zhejiang Kefon Auto-Electric Co, Ltd.652 Jiangsu Yidong Aviation Machinery Co, Ltd.653 Zhangjiagang Heli Motor Co, Ltd.654 Shenzhen Puda Motor Co, Ltd.655 Shanghai Mansda Industrial Co, GmbH Further information on this report can be found at https: // wwwForschung und Märktecom / r / 4god9u CONTACT: CONTACT: ResearchAndMarketscom Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager press @ researchandmarketscom For ES.T Office Hours Call 1-917-300-0470 for US/ CAN toll free at 1-800-526-8630 For GMT office hours, call 353-1-416-8900

The font management software market became 3$ 427 valued 7 million in 2019 and is expected to be $ 13$ 466 will reach 3 million by 2027; It Is Expected To Grow At A CAGR Of 18% 8% Over The Period 2020-2027New York, Feb. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Reportlinkercom announces the publication of the report, Font Management Software Market Forecast to 2027 – Impact of COVID-19 and Global Analysis by Deployment, Operating System and End User “at – https: // wwwreportlinkercom / p06027537 /? utm_source = GNW The font management software provides users with a single platform to install, search, and organize fonts The fonts are stored in the library and can be browsed and previewed by different end-users These software solutions allow users to manage the font library with different folders and tags The font management software products are mainly used on operating systems such as Windows and MacOS and, to a certain extent, Linux Organizations and individuals often store the font collection purchased from the font market or develop their own fonts and upload them Font management software is used in particular by publishers, graphic designers, website publishers. Designers, Illustrators, Interface Designers, Packaging Designers, Book Printers, Type Designers, Film Title and Motion Graphics Designers, Industried Many of these solutions are able to filter unlicensed fonts from the platforms to avoid legal issues. The growth of the font management software market is mainly due to the proliferation of digital content around the world and the increase in the number of fonts used by design firms, advertising agencies and architectural firms, as well as by the IT departments of organizations Emphasis on product design attributed to & packaging, however, a lack of awareness of these platforms, especially in developing countries, and high costs of the same are hindering the growth of the market.In addition, the growing importance of digitization is expected to become a major trend in the market over the forecast period expects the ongoing COVID-19 to massively disrupt the growth of various industries, China is the global manufacturing center and largest supplier of raw materials to various industries However, it is also one of the countries hardest hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, with the closure of various plants and factories in China adversely affecting global supply chains, as well as the manufacturing, delivery schedules, and sales of products and services caused by the COVID -19 Pandemic Triggered Factors Are Hindering Font Management Software Adoption, Especially in Retail and E-Commerce The Font Management Software Market Is Segmented By Deployment, Operating System, End User, And Geographic LocationBased on the deployment, the market will be divided into On-Premise and Cloud had in 2019 the cloud segment has a larger market shareBy operating systems, the market is divided into Mac systems, Windows systems, and other systemsThe Windows systems segment had the largest market share in 2019The market, based on the end-user, is divided into website designers, printing agencies, advertising agencies, freelancers and other In 2019, the Website Designer segment had the largest market share The font management software market is geographically broadly divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (MEA), and South America (SAM) In 2019, North America had the largest market share, followed by Europe and APAC. The APAC market is expected to grow with the fastest CAGR in 2020-2027. The overall size of the Font Management Software market has been determined using both primary and secondary sources. At the beginning of the research process, a Extensive desk research conducted using internal and external sources to obtain qualitative and quantitative information related to the market The process also serves to provide an overview and forecast for the Font Management Software Market in relation to all segments, and several primary interviews with industry participants and Commentators conducted to validate the data and gain more analytical insights into the subject. Participants in this process include industry experts such as vice presidents, business development managers, market intelligence managers and the like nd national sales managers, as well as outside consultants such as valuation experts, research analysts and key opinion leaders specializing in the font management software market Adobe Inc, Extensis, Corel Corporation, Fontstand BV, High-Logic BV, Insider Software Inc, Monotype GmbH, Neuber Software, Proxima Software and Rightfont are among the players featured in this market studyRead the full report: https: // wwwreportlinkercom / p06027537 /? utm_source = GNWAbout ReportlinkerReportLinker is an award-winning research solution Reportlinker finds and organizes the latest industry data so you can get all the research you need – instantly in one place __________________________ CONTACT: Clare: clare @ reportlinkercom US: (339) -368-6001 Intl: 1 339-368- 6001

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