News – UK – All schools in England are due from the 8th March will be open simultaneously for all age groups


Boris Johnson had considered sending some school year groups back before others – but it is believed that he is now considering a’ big bang ‘approach to his lockdown roadmap

All schools in England should be from the 8th March will be open to all grade groups at the same time, a Tory minister said today

Boris Johnson had weighed up whether to send back elementary school and exam years first, as he did after last year’s lockdown

Schools in Scotland and Wales are starting to reopen as of today – two weeks earlier – but with amazing annual groups

In England, however, government sources indicated that there are now plans to return all annual groups more or less at once in two weeks

This is likely to upset unions, who have warned of non-phased returns appear to be “inconsiderate” Union leaders today demanded evidence that the plan is solid

Boris Johnson won’t reveal the confirmed plan until 3:30 p.m. in the House of Commons after consulting his cabinet this morning

When asked whether all schools from the 8th Vaccination Minister Nadhim Zahawi told BBC Breakfast: “Right”

Since England’s third ban was imposed in the first week of January, only vulnerable children or children of key workers have attended classes

All other students studied from home – which led to fears of a lost generation of disadvantaged children

More than 1 million laptops and devices have been shipped to students, but that’s still 250000 less than the government target

Students are expected to start at age 8 March can participate in extracurricular sports and activities, provided they are outdoors

But the National Association of Head Teachers told ITV News, “We are concerned about the implications of a big bang approach

NAHT General Secretary Paul Whiteman added: “School principals want children to get back to school as soon as possible

“But both business and families need to be convinced of the government’s logic today to convince themselves that there are well-designed reopening plans that do not risk further increases and further closures and disruptions in child rearing

Last week, a coalition of unions – ASCL, GMB, NAHT, NASUWT, NEW, NGA, SFCA, Unison and Unite – warned of a reopening with “Big Bang” that would seem “inconsiderate”, adding “It could trigger another surge. Covid infections prolong the break in education and risk ditching hard-won advances in suppressing the virus over the course of the last lockdown “

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News – UK – All schools in England are due from 8 March will be open simultaneously for all annual groups
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All schools in England from 8 March open for all year groups at the same time
Schools reopened: All students in England will return on March 8th Back to school in March as children return to Wales and Scotland today