News – UK – “Becky has helped me a lot” – Lana says she wouldn’t be where she is without Becky Lynch


WWE Superstar Lana says she wouldn’t be this place without Becky Lynch Ravishing was a 2021 incident in Russian

Lana made her WWE debut from husband and former WWE star Miro, formerly known as Rusev, who gradually switched to a wrestling artist and established himself as a member of the WWE roster last year

After Miro moved to AEW, WWE appeared to be punishing him when Nia Jackson put him through the announcer’s table for weeks on end, which later inspired Lana to become the only survivor in the Survivor series after doing anything in the match had done

He would eventually reunite with Nia Jackson, and it seemed like the story would end with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Award of her bullying, and Charlett would later replace Lana after Canabe’s injury and, disappointingly, it could have been for him By then he had done enough wrestling with fans

Lana has spoken about her depression before. In a recent interview with talkSPORT, she revealed that she felt discouraged at the start of the epidemic and that former RAW women winner Becky Lynch helped her

get through

“Becky helped me a lot. He would be someone people would probably find because of their character, story, etc. Don’t know But man, I learned a lot from Becky! I think that partly before The Man starts she will be in the match at the live event and take heat and I learn from her He was so strict with me But man, if it wasn’t hard, I wouldn’t be where I am now I’m He was very tough – he would always be tough! And this and that “

“And now I get texts that read,” I’m proud of you, she teaches me every week I’m very grateful for that because when this whole epidemic started I remembered being so discouraged and I remember that you told me that you are very strong you are such a strong woman now you have become who you are push it further, work harder than anyone so we can bring back the people we love so much “- and I remember her words“

“Becky helped me a lot. It would be someone people might not know about”

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Lana is currently number one in the Women’s Tag Team Championship, but this time with Naomi she will have to wait for her chance to take revenge with Nia Jax and Shayna Buszler who won their title against the classic winners of Dusty Rhodes Day teams, Dakota Kai and Racquel Gonzalez, defend March 3rd

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News – GB – “Becky has helped me a lot” – Lana says she is not where she is would be without Becky Lynch
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” Becky has helped me a lot “- Lana says she wouldn’t be where she is without Becky Lynch