News – UK – Black Lace’s Dene Michael pledges £ 4k to Rolex amid running out of money


Black Lace singer Dene Michael sold his Rolex watch on today’s episode of Million Pound Pawn to pay his bills amid the pandemic

The artist, whose party hits include Agadoo, announced that he had hoped to make some cash by trading the accessories to support him while he was unemployed due to the coronavirus

Dene presented his item to the pawnbroker and explained that he had just about 4I paid £ 000 for it

“I really want to sell it if I get a good price for it,” he said

“It’s been hard work this year so I’m looking for some money to calm myself down while I’m not working”’

“I’m actually in a band I’m in a group called Black Lace Do you remember Black Lace? Agadoo?

Dene spoke in front of the camera about his financial situation and said of his fame and past wealth: “You just have to realize that it doesn’t last forever”’

“I have to bring in some money because all the money is running out right now and I just don’t know when to go back to work,” he continued

Dene reached an agreement with the shopkeeper who gave him 2Offered £ 500 for his watch

“Getting some money is good and it will help me get some bills off by next year,” he beamed

“I’m a little sad to see the Rolex go, but I have my memories of it”’

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News – UK – Black Lace’s Dene Michael pledges £ 4k to Rolex as money is running out