News – UK – Black teenager arrested for walking on the street to avoid an icy sidewalk during the storm


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A BLACK student was arrested for walking in the middle of the street to avoid ice-covered sidewalks during the brutal storm in Texas last week

Rodney Reese, 18, was born at 22 last TuesdayArrested at 45:00 in Plano, Texas on charges of pedestrians on the street in an offense

According to FOX4, the Plano Police Department received a call about a black man wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt and tripping in the middle of the street

Body camera footage of the encounter, released on Friday, showed police confronting Reese for a wellness check-up and asking him where he was going

A policewoman was heard saying, “Hey man, are you trying to come home? Are you trying to come home “

About a minute and 10 seconds later, Reese asked the police, “What do you want?” and went down an alley

But the officers kept following him and the policewoman said, “We’re just trying to find out where you are going”

The teen who works at Walmart turned down the police offer to drive him home, saying he went for the walk every night

Reese also refused to divulge his name, telling the officers to leave and “Please don’t touch me”

A male officer then said they were “conducting an investigation” into him, leading Reese to ask, “What for? I’m going home”

The teenager told the TV station that he was in the middle of the street because the sidewalk had snow and ice

He said interactions with the police made him nervous after George Floyd was shot and killed by a police officer in Minnesota last May

“That’s why I tried to dodge him so I could make it home, I don’t know”

“Just because I’m black is that Because I’m black, I fit a description. It hurts man,” he said

Plano Police Chief Ed Drain told FOX4 that the division had dropped charges against Reese because the arrest was inconsistent with the reason the officers were dispatched

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Texas, Plano

News – UK – Black teenager arrested for walking on the street to avoid an icy sidewalk during the storm
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