News – UK – Boris Johnson plans to build a roundabout under the Isle of Man


Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to build a huge roundabout under the Isle of Man connecting England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, according to The Sunday Times

Johnson has already commissioned a feasibility study for a 25 mile intersection between Larne in Ireland and Stanraer in Scotland Network Rail Chairman Peter Hendy will publish his findings in the coming weeks

However, tunneling between sites is made difficult by the need to cross Beaufort’s Levee, a 32-mile trench between Scotland and Northern Ireland where 5 million tons of ammunition were dumped after World War II

An underground roundabout would avoid the need to cross the levee that connects four streets from Stanraer, Belfast, Liverpool and Heysham in Lancashire. The proposed roundabout would be named Douglas Junction after the capital of the Isle of Man

A source told the Sunday Times: “Everyone knows Boris wants to do this, so people were asked to look at how’

Another said the proposal couldn’t die because Johnson firmly believed in it, adding, “Just as Hitler went around imaginary armies in the last days of the Third Reich, so was the No. 10 political entity doomed to them An idea that exists mainly in the prime minister’s head to further examine ‘

Alan Dunlop, the architect who first proposed a Celtic cross between Ireland and Scotland, said the latest idea “doesn’t sound believable”

He said: “I can’t imagine why Johnson would say that, especially at a time when the Prime Minister is so critical and the so-called Boris building is being ridiculed in large parts of the press

“It only serves to undermine what I know is structurally, technically and physically achievable, and that is a tunnel or bridge that connects Scotland to Ireland”

> Truck parks) on all road links across the Irish Sea

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News – GB – Boris Johnson plans to build a roundabout under the Isle of Man