News – UK – Boris Johnson pledges to continue to support Covid and swears: “We will not pull the carpet out”


Financial support for jobs and livelihoods will continue “for the duration of the pandemic,” Boris Johnson announced and the government informed MPs will not obliterate the carpet “among companies and workers

Mr Johnson set out his roadmap for gradually lifting coronavirus restrictions, saying that non-essential deals would not be closed until Aug. April to be opened Pubs, restaurants, and hotels are restricted for longer and there is no date when people can stop working from home

Companies have warned of a wave of layoffs in late March, when VAT breaks, tariff relief and support for the self-employed end, and in late April, when the vacation program is due to end

When speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Johnson failed to spell out exactly what aid would be received, saying this would be Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s on Nov. March set out in his budget

He told MPs: “In light of these cautious but hopefully irreversible changes, people may be concerned about what these changes mean for the various livelihood, human and economic support packages

“Throughout the pandemic, the government will continue to do everything possible to protect jobs and livelihoods across the UK

Union leader Sir Keir Starmer urged Mr Johnson to immediately make clear what aid will be available to companies that may not be allowed to return to normal trading until mid-April or mid-June

“But I repeat what we have always said – that health restrictions must be accompanied by adequate economic support

“It makes no sense to announce today that companies will remain closed for many weeks or months without announcing new economic support at the same time

“The Prime Minister says the budget will be next week But nothing prevents him from saying today that the business rate relief will be extended, that the vacation will be extended or that the hospitality and leisure VAT cut will be extended as well.” / p>

“Businesses are crying out for that certainty, and the Prime Minister should give it to them today”

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News – UK – Boris Johnson pledges to maintain support for Covid and vows, “We will not pull the carpet out”