News – UK – British people watch nostalgic TV shows during lockdown


The COVID-19 pandemic has led people to turn to nostalgic TV shows and movies for convenience, a study by Disney and RadioTimescom has shown

RadioTimescom conducted a poll among 6600 TV fans from across the UK went through to determine their viewing habits during the embargo to celebrate the launch of Star on Disney Plus, which hits the platform on Tuesday (23rd 0221)

And of those surveyed, more than a third (37 percent) said watching TV and movies were their favorite pastime during the lockdown A whopping two-thirds (64 percent) admitted they’d re-watched series they’d already seen

Another 43 percent of respondents said they enjoy returning to older movies and TV shows during these troubled times for a sense of nostalgia and comfort, and that they no doubt loved the wide range of Disney animated classics, available on the company’s streaming service

RadioTimescom also discovered that people watch TV an average of 31 hours a week 27 percent of people admit that they watch content during the day when they should work

Starting Tuesday, TV enthusiasts can enjoy even more shows on Disney Plus when their newest addition, Star, goes live to all subscribers

Star comes with content like Grey’s Anatomy, 24, Ugly Betty, The X-Files, Lost, and Family Guy More shows and tracks are added weekly

And when the poll asked which shows drove them the most, more men said they like to laugh with “Family Guy” as their favorite show, while women love the drama of “Desperate Housewives”

Tim Glanfield, Chief Editor of RadioTimescom said: “In what has been an extremely challenging year for so many, the UK public has turned to television for comfort, escape, information and entertainment. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of change in much of the media landscape , with a boom in subscriptions to streaming services like Disney Plus as people search for the latest releases and find solace in re-watching their favorite shows and movies. And since many of us work at home with such a wide variety of content, the temptation to see when to work is obviously sometimes too great to resist! “

Disney Plus costs £ 599 a month or £ 5999 a year, but prices are expected to change on Tuesday, with the monthly cost rising to £ 799 and an annual subscription of £ 7999

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News – UK – Brits watch nostalgic TV shows during lockdown
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