News – UK – Cadbury launches a BEER with a creamy egg flavor


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The chocolate makers have teamed up with the Goose Island brewers to create their first off-white egg beer – a sweet stout

The liquor was brought out to celebrate 50 years of Creme-Egg and is called Golden Goo-Beer-Lee Creme Stout

The beer tastes like malted barley, oats, wheat and lactose to reflect the creamy texture of the sticky chocolate eggs as per the tasting notes

It was also brewed with cocoa nibs and vanilla pods to mimic the fondant filling of the sweet treats

The beer cans come in packs of two 440ml cans and have 4 cans of 5% ABV. A two pack costs ten and makes each can £ 5

We looked around and you can buy a cheaper milk – the ingredient that gives it that creamy chocolate flavor – hefty elsewhere

A 500ml bottle of Black Sheep Milk Stout is only £ 170 from Tesco, which gives you an extra 60ml of alcohol for £ 3,300 less

Of course, Tesco’s sweet stout doesn’t taste exactly the same, and you may forego the taste of cream-colored eggs to save money

The cream-colored egg beer is only available directly at the Gooseislandshopcom and will not hit supermarket shelves

There are a little more than 3000 cans of beer available for purchase – i.e. 1500 packs up for grabs – but they don’t replenish once they’re sold out so you don’t want to hang around

The beers will be tomorrow (Wednesday, 3 March) go on sale at 11 a.m. You must be 18 years or older to purchase

As part of its half-century celebration, Cadbury has also hidden 200 GOLD cream eggs in stores, and you could get 5Win £ 000 if you find one

There’s a sneaky way to see if you’ve got a golden egg without unpacking it – we’re going to show you how

Cream eggs are only stored for a few months of the year and are distributed in stores between Boxing Day and Easter Sunday

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News – GB – Cadbury is bringing a beer with a cream egg flavor out
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