News – UK – California’s latest legislative session disappointed Housing lawyers


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In the Golden State, the deadline for the introduction of new bills for this year’s legislative period is 19 February story so that proponents of housing construction have a clearer picture of what topics will be the focus in 2021

David Garcia, director of the Terner Center for Housing Innovation Policy at Berkley, said: “In the shadow of a raging pandemic and ongoing housing crisis, the 2020 session ended largely in disappointment as nearly every major bill related to housing moved the governor’s desk not reached “

“While lawmakers passed critical law at the last minute to stave off a wave of evictions,” he said, “other efforts to expand where and what homes can be built have largely failed”

This disappointment, according to Garcia, is the result of a session that was shortened by pandemic “idiosyncrasies” and the continuing difficulty of adopting key housing proposals without broad consensus among the various actors involved in the political process

Even so, lawmakers nationwide agreed that housing will remain a key issue for California legislators, as many of the ideas from the previous session were reintroduced as early as the first year of the 2021-22 legislature, along with a number of new proposals reports Garcia

More than a year ago, Garcia told Bloomberg News that policymakers must support more home building. “By and large, there is no solution to the California housing crisis without building millions of new homes,” he said / p>

“Bad government” – from outdated zoning laws to old tax regulations that benefit long-time homeowners at the expense of everyone else “has created a serious shortage of homes,” according to Bloomberg’s Noah Buhayar and Christopher Cannon. that the situation in the Golden State was only “more extreme”, while California’s problems were repeated nationwide “

Legislators spent the beginning of this year’s session providing urgently needed help to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including extending the eviction moratorium and helping with rentals (landlords, such Help received in California) return, must agree to forgive the balance)

“While federal efforts to stabilize the housing market through new rounds of emergency aid will help, California’s share so far is only a fraction of what it takes to adequately address this challenge,” he said. “Fortunately, President Biden has Called for additional $ 25 billion in rental aid in early 2021, though if that new aid were successful, it would likely be months ahead of distribution “

Califonia’s “Building Opportunities for All” housing package includes a number of bills that could not be pushed forward in 2020, including legislation that provides for the division of ministerial parcels into single-family parcels (SB 9) and requires cities to develop housing continue commercial land (SB 6), create a rationalization tool for cities to rededicate certain areas to allow up to ten units per parcel (SB 10), and expand an existing tool to accelerate the CEQA process for larger projects (SB 7)

Garcia points out that Governor Gavin Newsom’s new spending and policy priorities for 2021-22, coupled with the proposed legislation, would affect housing in California with a budget of $ 500 million in support of affordable housing through the government’s LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit) program

The governor also proposed the establishment of a new enforcement unit at the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to oversee local government compliance with state housing laws

Garcia, in his executive summary, which can be read in full at the ternercenter, Berkeleyedu also discusses the proposed policies to curb development fees, create new ADU funding instruments, establish rental registers by the cities and much more

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News – UK – California’s most recent legislative session disappointed Housing Advocates