News – UK – Chase fans go wild when The Governess Anne flirts with a ‘hot’ firefighter


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THE Chase loved when The Governess showed off their flirting skills and got hot under the collar with Fireman Alex

On Monday’s episode, contestant Alex stepped up to answer the quick round of questions in front of host Bradley Walsh

While the firefighter was having an average lap, the onlookers were too distracted by his good looks to notice and they weren’t alone

“If there was a fire, would you throw me over your shoulder and carry me away?” she asked Alex

She then pretended to look for a match while Alex laughed in a good mood at her flirtation

But they were quickly disappointed to learn that Alex was a trapped man and had hoped that the profits from the show could pay for his wedding to fiancé Georgina

Some fans turned against Alex when he saw the low offer of $ 1 after his average round of cash buildersTook 000 pounds

Luckily for her, he did it well enough to get to the next round

We shared how Bradley Walsh walked off the set after warning a participant in Sunday’s Celebrity Special

The 60-year-old host welcomed celebrities Giles Coren, Rachel Johnson, Chris Packham and Josie Long to the ITV quiz show

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News – GB – The Chase fans go wild while The Governess Anne flirts with a ‘hot’ firefighter