News – UK – Controversy over Carrie’s influence on No10 deepens as Tory MP defends her


The dispute over Carrie Symond’s influence on Downing Street deepened today when a Tory MP described briefings against her as “uncomfortable”

Laura Trott, MP for Sevenoaks, defended the prime minister’s fiancée when asked about briefing wars that will once again devour number 10. Extraordinary allegations surfaced over the weekend, including Boris Johnson’s dog Dilyn being caught in the crossfire between allies the overthrown adviser Dominic Cummings and Ms. Symonds was advised

Ms. Trott, who served in the No. 10, told BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour, “I’ve worked with Carrie before, she’s an incredibly talented and capable person, and I think a consideration should be given … about whether some of these things are about a man It is very uncomfortable and I think it is incredibly unnecessary ”

Some Ms. Symonds supporters have suggested that briefings against her were sexist after she was referred to as “Princess Nut Nut” by allies of Mr. Cummings

Defense attorneys say she is an expert on politics, served as Conservative Party communications director and a valuable advisor to Mr. Johnson. Last year, those close to her said she was instrumental in removing the powerful aide

Now Mr Cummings was accused in the mail on Sunday of being behind the allegations that Dilyn had his leg over the handbag of an aide-de-camp No. 10 excited and chewed on antique furniture and books at the prime minister’s country estate

It has been alleged that Mr Cummings holds a grudge against Dilyn for having the dog on a No. 10 once “threw his leg” at Checkers – and that the pet is now being used to wage a proxy war against the Prime Minister’s fiancée

Ms Symonds is believed to have played a crucial role in ousting members of the Vote Leave Group, including Mr Cummings, from No. 10 One of the last remaining members of the group left Downing Street on Friday

Oliver Lewis, the Prime Minister’s former advisor for the Union, reportedly resigned after Mr Johnson accused him of teaching against Michael Gove

The Prime Minister has been urged to get his belligerent Downing Street factions under control ahead of an expected reshuffle

The latest conflict comes after the conservative think-tank Bow Group, of which Lord Tebbit and Lord Lamont are patrons, called for an independent investigation into the “unaccountable” influence that Ms. Symonds is wielding on the government

When asked about the Bow Group’s comments, Prime Minister’s press secretary Allegra Stratton said, “We have no answer at all. As you will see shortly, the Prime Minister has put forward a 60-page plan to get us out of lockdown , and that is his focus at the moment ”

On the claim that Ms. Symonds is central to the governance of the country, Ms. Stratton replied: “It’s wrong. The Prime Minister’s fiancée is on maternity leave, she is raising her son Wilf and is about to become a new one Take on the role of Wildlife Charity The Aspinall Foundation ”

When asked if the Prime Minister believed that there was an element of sexism in the way the allegations were made, she replied, “I didn’t hear that from him”

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News – UK – Dispute over Carrie’s influence on No10 deepens as Tory MP defends her
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