News – UK – Coronation street star Ryan Thomas says he stopped acting


Former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas has announced that he will quit acting after “losing his mistake for it”

Thomas played as Jason Grimshaw in Weatherfield Soap from 2000 to 2016 before appearing in the Australian neighbor’s soap operas

Ryan spoke to Mancs On The Mic Podcast and admitted he was tired of being turned down for roles

“It’s so hard for me,” he said, “I started acting, I started in this game and I really lost the bug for it

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Adam Thomas – a former Waterloo Road actor and Emmerdale – and a former Love Island actor, Scott Thomas, spoke to his brothers and the moderators of the podcast, adding that they were getting “negative views” from online trolls also influenced his decision

“I’ve never had that because there was no social media,” he continued. “I never got it in Corrie because I never had social media in Corrie. If I did that, it ended up being me, but me was so established there that people considered me a piece of furniture, so I never really got such negative criticism

“It happens in all aspects, but I found it very, very difficult to deal with at first. I always think,” Oh, it [the desire to act] will come back at some point and maybe it will, and it’s still something that I have in my locker when I want to explore again”At the moment I’m very happy with the direction I’m going”

Thomas first appeared on Coronation Street at the age of 16 The character’s plot is centered on his love life, which makes him sad after losing his father Tony and being attacked by his enemy Callum Logan, Jason Grimshaw became a suspect in the murders and eventually went to Thailand

Thomas’ celebrity roommate Roxanne Pallett publicly apologized to him, saying she “overreacted” when he “hit” her on the show. She said, “I was sensitive and emotional and misunderstood what was playful I apologize, I shouldn’t have questioned his motivation””

Last year the three brothers dealt with the problem of their absent father in an ITV documentary

Thomas recently informed everyone on social media that he is now delivering food to Adam’s restaurant near Stockport

The 36-year-old said that in his relationship with his fiancée, it was “difficult” to travel to Manchester regularly to see his daughter Scarlett – and his ex-girlfriend and Corrie colleague Tina O’Brien and former TOWIE actress Lucy Mecklenburgh

“I think someday I would like to be in Manchester with my two children, but it’s easier to have this help on hand in London right now, but I think someday I would like to be back where I started got with all of my brothers and all of our children

“I think this is going to happen at some point, but we only take it one day at a time I think that’s what you have to do with this family life”

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News – UK – Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas says he stopped acting