News – UK – Corrie fans can tell where they know the undertaker George from


Viewers of the show realized that the funeral director on another ITV show had an entirely different job

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Undertaker George first appeared in September 2020 when he was doing business with Mary Taylor at Preston’s Petals

He has befriended Eileen Grimshaw and Mary since arriving, but a few weeks ago George discovered that he was distantly related to Gail Platt

And now he’s supposed to help Ted with her father’s funeral later this week

Tonight, the undertaker came to Weatherfield with a hearse for Tim and Steve to practice driving for their new business

George looked very professional and quickly passed on his knowledge to the two men, even though Steve drove the car “like Lewis Hamilton”

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However, viewers were shocked to finally find out that George, played by Tony Maudsley, was also the same person who played Kenneth Du Beke in Benidorm from 2011 to 2018

Katy Iwasyk said, “Omg only just realized that George Kenneth is from Benidorm! My mind is overwhelmed!”

Chloe Farmer said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t take George seriously, it’s Kenneth from Benidorm, where his tight shorts and vest are”

And Jony said, “He could be in # Corrie for the next ten years, but he will always be Kenneth from Benidorm”

Coronation Street, Tony Maudsley, Kenneth Du Beke, Benidorm

News – GB – Corrie fans recognize where they know the undertaker George from