News – UK – Damian Lillard, James Harden heading to 2021 NBA All-Star Game Reserves


The NBA announced their reserves for the 2021 All-Star Game on Tuesday, selected by the league’s coaches

James Harden, guardian of the Brooklyn Nets, and Damian Lillard, guardian of the Portland Trail Blazers head the list of seven players at each conference, both of which consist of two guards, three front court players, and two wildcard selections / p>

Harden to the east includes teammates from Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers, Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls, Julius Randle of the New York Knicks, and Nikola Vucevic of Orlando Magic

Lillard is joined in the west by Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert from Utah Jazz, Anthony Davis from the Los Angeles Lakers, Chris Paul from Phoenix Suns, Zion Williamson from New Orleans Pelicans and Paul George from Los Angeles Clippers

The starters for the All-Star Game were announced Thursday for a fourth straight season, leading voters of each conference – Kevin Durant in the east and LeBron James in the west this year – will be captains in a playground-style design to act before the All-Star Game 7 March in Atlanta The one-night event features a skill competition and a 3-point competition before 8:00 p.m. ET Tip There is a dunk competition at halftime

Stay tuned for our annual list of All-Star Snubs In the meantime, learn more about this year’s All-Star Reserves:

Harden showed up late and out of shape for the season, leaving the Houston Rockets and still landing a reserve spot in the all-star game As good as he is and how good he was as floor general for the superstar-laden nets Seine 249 Points per game are his lowest since the last time he didn’t form an All-Star team in 2012, but his 11 league-top 1 assists helped keep the longest active streak of all-star appearances alive outside of LeBron received

The Celtics may struggle to stay in the top half of the Eastern Conference playoffs, but it’s not a fault of Brown’s 24-year-old, averaging a career high of 259 points for the best career shooting odds on the whole Line While Playing Elite Defense It’s a surprise that he scores higher on many votes than teammate Jayson Tatum, another well-deserved contestant who was behind three easy picks on the Eastern Front Square

Tatum was an All-Star last season at the age of 21, and his numbers are even better this year.His score has risen to 26 points per game with essentially the same efficiency, and his style of play continues to improve Tatum missed in January with COVID-19 for over two weeks and recently confirmed he is still experiencing symptoms However, his final games showed signs of encouragement that he is going around the corner back to the All-NBA levels he had reached earlier in the season

The basketball world is well aware of Simmons’ gunfights that severely limit his offensive cap, but he is still one of the NBA’s most exciting players on the open court and has maintained his nearly triple double career averages, more importantly, he may is the most versatile defensive weapon the league has seen in a long time He is legitimately able to effectively protect any position, and the 76ers in first place continue to reap the rewards

Lots of people waited for LaVine to fall back to Earth, but his offense continues to mount. Only one other Guardian in NBA history has scored as many points per game with such a high percentage of actual shooting (64) 7%): Stephen Curry in his unanimous MVP season LaVine is nowhere near the playmaker or gravitational force that Curry has, and he has miles to improve on defense, but he scores so many points that this efficiently deserves an All-Star appearance

Raise your hand if you thought the Knicks were coming up for a playoff spot this season, raise your hand now if you ever thought Randle might be so consistent as well. Well one hand washes the other The list of players with an average of 20-10-5 is full of Hall of Famers Randle would be on if the season ended now while his 3-point shoot is nearly 10 percentage points above his career mark, making it a top 3-defense contributes

Perhaps no team has been more injured than the Magic, adding significantly to Vucevic’s workload, and he’s delivered Orlando doesn’t even have to do with being in a game around a playground, but for the attention, who commands Vucevic as the ground clearance center that is one of the best rebounders in the league. His star power would be stronger on another team, and he could get that chance. Vucevic can become the best player in a trade

Why Lillard’s MVP chances are no better than 30/1 is a mystery to me.It essentially fits in with Curry’s production for a Blazers team that is in position for a home playoff series despite prolonged injuries to teammate C isJ McCollum (Broken Left Foot) and Jusuf Nurkic (Broken Right Wrist) Back in the days, Lillard was no longer afraid to express his frustration with his all-star snubs and is now an easy pick He is the sixth all-star appearance of his career and the fourth in a row

Mitchell has proven he’s an all-star in the bubble, averaging a league high of 363 points per game in last year’s playoffs (albeit in the first round) he’s got nothing this season showed what could take us away from this reality, even if his numbers haven’t quite risen to superstar levels.Mitchell is the top scorer for a jazz team that has by far the best record in the league, and that’s a better one Proof of its rising star than any statistic

Without Gobert, the favorite, who was voted Defensive Player of the Year for the third time in four seasons, jazz would not be the place where they are on the West ranking list either. He is not only the anchor of the second best defense of the League, its role as a consistent threat on the edge of pick-and-roll enables Utah’s many playmakers to do their best job

That this is considered a bad year for Davis is a testament to his peak performance.Maybe it should come as no surprise, given the quick turnaround from his remarkable run to the championship, he’s still the best defensive player in the league’s top outfit and one Most Difficult Offensive Matchups in the NBA Even a year without a failure should be considered an all-star suspension for Davis at this point, and only his Achilles injury could have stood in the way of his reserve seat

George will still have to respond to his critics in the playoffs, but he’s re-established himself as an all-NBA-level performer in the regular season, starting off the field blazing hot and continuing to enjoy by far the most efficient offensive season of his career That says something for a player who has an average of 224 points in 43/38/85 shooting divisions and 37 assists per game in the last seven seasons, six of them All-Star-worthy

It is no coincidence that a team that has not played the playoffs since 2010 is now up for a home game in the playoffs after boarding Paul. Its influence extends far beyond the numbers that come from its prime as Best Point Guard in the NBA, but there is no precedent for a 6-foot general who is 16 This season occurs at this level.He and his backyard colleague Devin Booker both deserve an all-star roster, but Paul’s intangibles broke the tie

The Pelicans have been understretched this season, but Williamson’s recent production (30-6-4 to 67% percent off the field in his last seven games) is a reminder that he will be a mainstay in the All-Star game for years to come As long as he can stay healthy he’s only 20 years old and team success should come with experience in a system that maximizes his unique talent, but he’s already one of the most powerful offensive forces in the game

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The NBA announced their reserves for the 2021 All-Star Game on Tuesday, selected by the league’s coaches

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News – UK – Damian Lillard, James Harden Headline 2021 NBA All-Star Game Reserves