News – UK – Darren Moore on the “Biggest Challenge” of the season at Doncaster Rovers


The Rovers boss has made several changes to his side in each of the recent games as the players stay fresh and looking to avoid injuries

And he says those goals and the pursuit of winning games were incredibly difficult to achieve in three weeks of play

“In a normal season, you probably have six or seven games a week spread across the season,” said Moore

“We probably have more than this number of games left during the week, so you get more than three games in a week”

“It’s all about relaxing and physically preparing players who we know can’t do over 90 minutes in three games a week”

“So we had players who could only play 60 minutes. We had players who could only play 30 minutes

“We had to turn and move people, and the point was to keep them fit and not send them backwards”

“We thank the players, the sports science and medicine departments As trainers, we try to integrate and bring the whole thing together and to remain competitive

“We had to do it and will just keep working together to make sure we get our maximum for games””

Rovers head to Blackpool for their third game in seven days on Tuesday night after beating Accrington Stanley and drawing against Hull City

Against Hull, Rovers were able to dig deep into added time to earn a point and didn’t look overly tired in full time Moore believes this represents the progress they have made in getting players to the required level of fitness in 90 minutes

“Taylor Richards is starting to do more towards 90 minutes. I’m delighted with the way we’ve led him and he’s now at a level where we believe he can do 90 minutes

“Scott Robertson came looking fresh. He looks more like that, and so does John Bostock

“Omar [Bogle] did well, Jon Taylor, Josh Sims – these are all people we worked hard with to take care of them

“It’s the kind of work the backers don’t see The volume and intensity of work we have to put into them

“There were some really intense, intense sessions that we had to give them and some lower ones where we just turned up the volume”

“I want a roster that I can look around and look at the field and think they can do every 90 minutes, no problem

“We haven’t quite had this yet, but we’ve been working towards it and I think we’re getting there with them now This is great because it means you will get stronger and fitter”

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News – UK – Darren Moore on Doncaster Rovers’ ‘Biggest Challenge’ of the season