News – UK – DC Local Fox anchor exposed after anger over obese vaccinations


A Washington, DC.The Fox anchor was suspended Tuesday after it tweeted it was upset “Obese people of all ages are given priority access over all important workers”

“When most stayed home, we went to work last March, April, May and every day since we put ourselves at risk,” tweeted Fox 5 news anchor Blake McCoy. “All major workers vaccinated then obese”

Following McCoy’s tweet, a Fox 5 spokesperson confirmed to People magazine that he had been suspended from his post

McCoy tweeted an apology later that day, saying he deleted the tweet which was “insensitive and offensive” “

Today I tweeted something insensitive and offensive, I really regret my words and want to apologize, I deleted my tweet and ask you to accept my sincere apology

However, some on Twitter questioned his sincerity after he replied to another user in his original tweet, “I deleted because honestly who has the time to argue with strangers on the internet”

Vaccinations in Washington, DC., have recently opened up to pregnant women, have pre-existing illnesses, are immunocompromised or have a BMI over 30

The message comes as US. Has made a concerted effort to accelerate the spread of coronavirus vaccines The Biden government received additional doses of vaccine earlier this month, increasing the total number of US Stock on 600 million cans

President BidenJoe BidenBiden “disappointed” with Senate parliamentary decision, but respects decision Taylor Swift celebrates the passage of the Equality Bill by Donald Trump Jr. Bruce Springsteen’s dropped charges labeled “Liberal Privilege” on Thursday marked the 50 million coronavirus vaccines administered in the U.S. warned, however, that the country still has a long way to go to achieve herd immunity

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News – UK – DC Local Fox anchor exposed after anger over obese vaccinations