News – UK – DeChambeau plans to drive the green on a 555 yard par-5


The sixth par 5 at Bay Hill is the next stop in Bryson DeChambeau’s quest to break golf

The Orlando course is hosting the Arnold Palmer Invitational this week, and DeChambeau has been circling that date on his calendar for some time. Why? Because the unique layout of No. 6 gives him the opportunity to reach the green from the tee, a daring step that would make him bet on an albatross if he succeeded

The hole surrounds the edge of a large pond and measures 555 meters from the tee to the green Well that’s when you walk around the water The distance from the tee across the water to the green is only 350 meters. Only one player on tour is able to cover that distance and is considering giving it a try during the tournament this weekend

During his training round on Wednesday, DeChambeau landed at Nr as a group of onlookers waited to see if he could actually bomb it over the water

But he hit a stiff wind in the teeth and threw both attempts into the water

“If I play this year I definitely will,” he told Golfcom in January “No 6 at Bay Hill is one of the ones I’ve been watching I think I can do some pretty cool things on it ”

But he was less sure about trying the shot after his practice run on Wednesday, and tweeted that he could “do” “if the conditions are right” ”

Conditions can be very good for him during the tournament with the wind blowing at 15-25 mph from the west during his training lap, but on Friday and Saturday the forecast predicts northeast winds that would push the breeze on his back

If he ends up trying to drive the green, he will be the first to try it since John Daly in 1998. Daly hit six balls in the water and made an 18 on the hole

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The sixth par-5 course at Bay Hill is the next stop in Bryson DeChambeau’s quest to break golf

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News – UK – DeChambeau aims to drive the green on a 555 yard par-5