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Wed 31 Mar 2021 0838 BST

First published on Wednesday, 31 March 2021, 0805 BST

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Shares in food delivery company Deliveroo fell as it debuted on the London Stock Exchange today

Deliveroo shares opened at 331p, compared to 390p paid by investors for the company when it went public – the largest in nearly a decade

And they slide on and suddenly fall to 271p. Currently they change at approx 310p the owner

That’s a drop of around 20% and a remarkably poor start to Deliveroo’s new role as a publicly traded company

Great Huch Deliveroo debut day and it’s down 236% in the first 15 minutes of trading Now at £ 3 picTwittercom / rXy0HNMkEY

Deliveroo was already forced to rate the IPO at the lower end of its range in order to receive the offer

Several major city investors had opposed the opportunity to participate in Deliveroo’s initial public offering, including Aviva Investors, which cited a combination of investment risk and social issues

A key concern of some investors has been Deliveroo’s employment practices, the food delivery group does not guarantee minimum wage rates as couriers are independent self-employed entrepreneurs who are not entitled to benefits such as vacation pay and the national minimum wage

A portfolio manager from another major investor said Deliveroo’s treatment of workers would raise concerns, while others in the investment industry have questioned Deliveroo’s decision to list two classes of shares This will give co-founder Will Shu closer control of the company’s business for three years

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Decline in GDP in 2020 from 9 to 99% up to 98% Another revision like this (which is entirely plausible) and 2020 will have “only” been the worst year since 1921 (-97%) instead of the worst Year since 1709 (-134%) https: // tco / MH0ZicHNwL

New ONS data shows that #UK #economy was even more resilient with GDP growth than first reported in the fourth quarter of 2020 13% qoq (revised from 10% q / q) despite November lockdown & other important Limitations Overall, the GDP decline decreased to 9.8% in 2020 from 99%

The UK The economy remained hardest hit by Covid-19 in the G7 in the fourth quarter with GDP of 7, 3% below its peak.This weakness * cannot * be attributed to how the ONS measures actual government spending, which actually rose by 0 in the fourth quarter Raised 3% year-on-year Instead, spending and exports are to blame: picTwittercom / YHvZABMBme

813 a.m. BST08: 13

Today’s updated GDP report also shows that UK households have been saving at a record pace over the past year

The household saving rate rose to 161% in the 4th Quarter 2020, an increase compared to the revised 14 Quarter 3% in 3rd Quarter 2020; In 2020, the household saving rate rose sharply and reached a record high of 16 at 3% compared to 68% in 2019

745 a.m. BST07: 45 a.m.

Good morning, and welcome to our ongoing coverage of the global economy, financial markets, euro area and business

The UK economy grew faster than expected in the second half of last year as it battled its worst slump in centuries

Updated data from the Bureau of National Statistics shows UK GDP rose 1.3% from October to December, a stronger rebound than the first 1% estimated for the final quarter of 2020

This means that the UK’s GDP is now 7.3% below the 4th level Quarter of 2019, revised from the previous estimate of 78%

The ONS has also revised its estimate for the third quarter recovery, it now expects GDP to have increased 169% in July-September when restrictions were lifted, an upward revision of 08 percentage points

But the slump during the first wave of Covid-19 caused even more economic pain than anticipated April-June 2020 GDP is estimated to have dropped 195%, a downward revision of 05 percentage points, with the lockdown wiping out almost a fifth of economic activity / p>

That means the economy is projected to shrink by 9% overall in 2020 – slightly better than the 99% first estimate, but still the worst year on record

So the annual picture is largely the same – Britain has just suffered its worst annual contraction since the Great Freeze hit the UK over 300 years ago

“Our revised quarterly figures show that the economy contracted a little more in the initial phase of the pandemic than previously assumed, before recovering a little more in the second half of last year“

@jathers_ONS commented on our revised GDP numbers for the fourth quarter of 2020 as follows: (1/2) picTwittercom / zk5LJm49BB

Shares in the food delivery group Deliveroo are traded today among investors in London’s largest IPO in ten years

But given concerns about driver treatment and troubled stock markets, Deliveroo is rated a little less than hoped

Shares are being sold at £ 3 each, which equates to a valuation of £ 7 6 billion This is a meaty valuation, but it’s around $ 1 billion GBP is below expectations Deliveroo set during the IPO process Deliveroo insists that institutional investors have seen huge demand – but several big city names are pulling out of the IPO

While the listing is expected to be the largest IPO in London for a decade or more, some top fund managers are avoiding the stocks due to concerns about Deliveroo’s labor practices, which do not guarantee minimum wage rates for their couriers

Together with other operators in the gig economy, Deliveroo, which is supported by Amazon, has faced legal challenges worldwide from couriers and drivers seeking access to basic rights such as minimum wages and vacation pay

The listing will result in 1 billion GBP for the company and 500 million GBP raised for the sale of shareholders including Amazon and Will Shu, the former investment banker who started the service from his London apartment in 2013

The aftermath of the collapse of Archegos Capital Management continues UK and US regulators are reportedly investigating whether global investment banks are breaking rules by selling nearly $ 20 billion in assets just before the start of a fire sale USD to hold group discussions The Securities Exchange Commission reportedly requested more information from major US banks Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley as well as Japanese Nomura and Swiss lender Credit Suisse about meeting Archegos founder Bill Hwang on Thursday These talks were followed by a spate of strong stock sales that saw Nomura and Credit Suisse suffer significant losses while other brokers got away unscathed. JPMorgan Chase analysts have estimated those losses to be $ 5 billion to $ 10 billion USD, which is far more serious than running a typical fund

The latest eurozone inflation data due at 10 a.m. UK time should show that the cost of living has risen faster this month, partly due to the rise in energy prices yesterday, German inflation picked up and on a harmonized annual basis 2 % reached

Investors are also excited to see ADP’s monthly US private sector wages and salaries report, which may provide a glimpse into Friday’s non-farm payroll (the top US unemployment report), which is a strong stake in Hopes on a rapid US recovery, which could put further pressure on bond yields

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News – UK – Deliveroo stocks plunge to market debut – Business Live
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