News – UK – Devastated I’m a celebrity star in a desperate battle for the mother in the nursing home


I’m a Celebrity Star Ruthie cried over Loose Women when she revealed how her mom deteriorated in a nursing home over the past year

A devastated Ruthie Henshall fought back tears at Loose Women when she revealed how she even applied for a job in a nursing home to see her 87-year-old mother see her before her eyes for the last year has deteriorated

Ruthie, who was late on I’m A Celebrity last year, appeared on the lunchtime talk show from home a month after she made a heartbreaking plea to the government on Instagram for her mother, Gloria, who has dementia and its condition has gone downhill since the country was first locked in March last year

She shared on Jan. January with contrasting pictures of her mother, a former theater and English teacher, and wrote: “I am angry and devastated. My mother has dementia. The first picture shows my mother in the house where she is shortly before the first lockdown second is my mother after 4 months imprisonment in her room because COVID killed the residents of the house 13 died

“When my mother went into the lock, she went and talked. She can’t do both now. I’m not allowed to see her. Only 1 member of each family can go, the same every time. You want to know why I’m so angry, she hasn’t even got the vaccine! Neither have the brilliant indefatigable caregivers I cried today when I found this out! @UkgovofficialWhat are you playing? They said nursing homes are priority I haven’t seen my mom in months and I don’t have one Idea if she’ll even know who I am when I do Sort this out “

Ruthie, who protested hard for the Resident Rights Campaign, then announced that she had applied to be a volunteer carer on the government website and told them she had been an essential carer until the government have ended their employment ‘

When the West End star showed up at Loose Women on Tuesday, she was told that people weren’t allowed to volunteer in the nursing home their loved ones are in

Explaining to the panel, including visibly moved host Ruth Langsford, whose mother is also in a nursing home, Ruthie explained to the panel that she was only recently able to see her mother from a window after being taken into a living room, saying: “I’m shocked and devastated by the shell of a woman I see, and I absolutely put that down to it, before the first lockdown, she went and talked

“We had a whole conversation with her because my dad passed away last April and we called her about it and had a wonderful hour of wonderful conversation, but four months later she couldn’t walk, talk and they gave her Mushed food

“For me it was because she was there around the clock when the caregivers came by in each room instead of putting them in the front room where they are with other people, where they are stimulated”

In response to Ruthie’s traumatic experience, panelist Janet Street-Porter said, “The human rights of people in nursing homes have been dealt with in a second section”

Following the announcement that nursing home residents in England from the 8th Married to March, pick a person she visits regularly, Ruthie added, “When you get a cross-flow test, a PSA, and a temperature test, the risk is so small compared to the risk of people dying.”

“I see my mom die out of a window and I’m sorry to get so emotional I can’t figure out what the government is saying half the time

“In the years to come we will look back on this and that people in nursing homes who cannot see their loved ones and we will think about how we allowed this to happen ?!”

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News – GB – Devastated, I’m a celebrity star in the desperate battle for my mother in the nursing home