News – UK – DOI’s Joe-Warren Plant and Vanessa Bauer will NOT be returning to the show


Joe-Warren Plant and Vanessa Bauer of Dancing On Ice reportedly broken hearted after losing their spot on the show due to a diagnosis of coronavirus

The 18-year-old Emmerdale actor and his 24-year-old pro partner have just left 10 days of isolation, and although they were hoping the bosses would leave them behind, The Sun reported that they were told by on Friday her permanent expulsion has been reported

Insiders said, “They did not have a negative impact on COVID-19, so they kept fit and healthy while being isolated within the confines of their hotel walls. But ultimately, producers need to maintain the integrity of the show ‘

Joe and Vanessa were quarantined at a Buckinghamshire hotel after testing positive for the virus with no symptoms, and it is alleged that they were initially hoping they could return if they were away

Even so, bosses have made a tough line that positive testing will not result in participant return – many of them dropped out for a variety of reasons
The insider told the publication, ‘Everyone expected them to return when the idea was first discussed, everyone thought the producers were just being polite but obviously they always wanted this to happen Joe and Vanessa are absolutely disappointed.’ / p>

‘They had no negative effects on COVID-19, so they kept fit and healthy while being isolated within the confines of their hotel walls

‘But at the end of the day, the producers have to uphold the integrity of the show and felt that an invitation could really piss them off’

MailOnline approached Joe and Vanessa for comment. A show representative declined to comment when approached

Last week, Vanessa shared her excitement about not being quarantined when she used Instagram to mark the end of isolation Vanessa wrote: “After 10 days in a hotel room with COVID, we are back in the real world

‘We are both physically and mentally healthy and although the shock is still there even after missing a show, all it can do now is go up

’10 days ago @joewarren_plant and I got this call when we were training on the ice.It was a normal training day at @dancingonice, until at the end of the day we suddenly found ourselves in the hotel, where we got the last 10 Days spent ⁣⁣

‘It was a shock and it’s still hard to see why this had to happen to us. We had the time of our lives and it just ended like this ⁣

‘Of course I’m such a positive person and I’m sure that in the end everything will make sense, because now I’m grateful to be healthy ⁣

‘At least I wasn’t alone with this and had to work on my handstands 🙂 ⁣ THANK YOU for your kind messages during this time’

Vanessa had kept fans posted on her time in isolation and apologized to fans after expressing frustration at being forced to isolate with COVID-19 despite being at the beginning of the Week showed no physical symptoms

The professional skater suffered a backlash after commenting that she had no major symptoms – including shortness of breath, persistent cough, and fatigue

When the German skater hit the social media platform on Wednesday night, she apologized for the insult, but admitted that after her sudden departure from Dancing On Ice, she was struggling to cope

The news is undoubtedly a blow to Vanessa and Joe, as it has been reported that bosses are bending their rule that testing positive would mean permanent exclusion

It was alleged last week that with the number of entrants falling due to multiple injuries on the show, it is no surprise that they are apparently considering a rules revision

It goes without saying that bosses didn’t extend the same offer to other pairings because they all missed out on more than one public vote

Rufus Hound (41) with Covid, Billie Shepherd (31) and Denise Van Outen (46), both injured, all had at least two weeks off

It was revealed on Monday that 52-year-old Jason Donovan had retired from the show after suffering a back injury despite initial claims he would continue to be part of the program

So many celebrities had to leave Dancing On Ice that the show ran out of resources for the first time in its history

Professional skater Hamish Gaman, 37, is the latest celebrity to quit the ITV “cursed” show after injuring his hand while pulling on a sock

An ITV spokesperson told MailOnline on Tuesday: ‘Unfortunately we can confirm that Hamish Gaman, who worked with Faye Brookes, had to withdraw from the competition

‘We thank him for all his hard work and wish him all the best as he takes time out to allow his injury to heal completely’

Faye remains in the competition but will now work with professional skater Matt Evers who previously worked with Denise Van Outen

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News – UK – DOI and Vanessa Bauer’s Joe Warren Plant will NOT return to the show
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