News – UK – Downing Street ignore calls to investigate PM fiancé Carrie Symonds’ influence on Nr10


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BORIS Johnson allies have claimed that claims that his fiancée Carrie Symonds is a key government figure are “false”

It comes after a Tory think tank yesterday an independent investigation into Ms. Symond’s role within No10 after the departure of several consultants

The last person to leave Downing Street was Oliver Lewis, who a few weeks earlier had been appointed head of the Union unit

He said his role had become untenable and it is reported that he was accused by Ms. Symonds of teaching against Minister Michael Gove which he denied

Two allies of Mrs. Symonds, Baroness Finn and Henry Newman, recently became key advisors in No. 10 after ex-proxies Dominic Cummings Lee Cain and Mr. Lewis left

The Prime Minister’s press secretary Allegra Stratton today declined to request an investigation by the Bow Group, saying there would be no response to the think tank’s call

The Bow Group said an investigation was intended to examine Ms. Symonds’ “potential impact” on the recruitment and appointment of government officials

Bow Group chairman Ben Harris-Quinney said Ms. Symonds does not currently hold an official role in the Conservative Party or government, but consistent reports in the press suggest that Ms. Symonds has a central role in running the country without an authority or accountability to it ”

But Ms. Stratton said “it is wrong” to say that Ms. Symonds is central to the government

At the end of January she started a new position at the Wildlife Charity The Aspinall Foundation

Meanwhile, the prime minister was focused on responding to the coronavirus, Ms. Stratton said

Conservative MP Laura Trott asked if part of the hostile briefing against Ms. Symonds was due to her being a woman

Sevenoaks MP, who served in the No. 10, told BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour, “I’ve worked with Carrie before, she’s an incredibly talented and capable person, and I think it should be considered … About whether any of these things would be said about a man

When asked if Mr. Johnson believed that the allegations against his fiancée contained an element of sexism, Ms. Stratton said, “That’s what I heard from him”

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News – UK – Downing Street ignores calls to investigate PM fiancée Carrie Symonds’ influence on No10
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