News – UK – Dunblane 25th Anniversary: ​​US activist “gave hope” through British gun laws


The father of a teenager who was killed in a shooting at a Florida school says the British gun controls introduced after the Dunblane massacre “give him hope” “”

This weekend has been 25 years since teacher Gwen Mayor and 16 students were killed when Thomas Hamilton opened fire on them

The mass shooting was the worst in British history and resulted in Britain enforcing some of the strictest gun laws in the world

Jack Crozier, 27, is the brother of Emma Crozier Was killed in the tragedy in March 1996 at the age of five

He traveled to Parkland, Florida in 2018 after 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas School lost their lives

He has been in contact with Parkland relatives since then, including the family of the juvenile victim Joaquin Oliver

Jack’s goal is to urge activists to unite and enforce harsh sanctions like the one in Dunblane

Mr Oliver told BBC Scotland: “I can imagine that in the future I will no longer worry about gun violence in my country

He says the British response to Dunblane gave him hope. He added, “Knowing that this is possible in other countries and nations, I need to bring that knowledge here”

The Gun Control Network was founded after Dunblane The Snowdrop Petition was created to raise support for crackdown on small arms in the UK

Within a year of tragedy, the Conservative administration of John Major passed 22-caliber handguns banning laws. In 1997, the Labor government extended that ban to all handguns

“We never forget the loved ones we have lost, we use this as an opportunity to remember them

Mr Crozier said it was not a “direct change” in Britain to pass stricter gun laws

He said, “My parents and other Dunblane activists worked for over a year to make the changes we needed

“Anything you (US relatives) can bring with you from what we’ve done and learned, please take this”

In a statement, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “The Dunblane tragedy is one of the darkest days in Scottish history

“The local church has shown great resilience in recent years On the occasion of this anniversary, however, all my thoughts are with the families and those most directly affected, who should be given all the time and space to commemorate their own way “

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Dunblane Massacre

News – GB – Dunblane’s 25th anniversary: ​​US activist has “given hope” through British gun laws