News – UK – Easing eases could last FOUR MONTHS, with rules easing every five weeks


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Boris Johnson will present his roadmap today The national shutdown is to be relaxed in four steps in the coming months

The interval between the individual phases of loosening is expected to be five weeks This can take four months to expire on December 21 June is completely canceled

It is assumed that four weeks will be used between each phase of easing to analyze data on infection and the impact of the jab rollout Another week will be used to inform companies about the reopening

However, Boris reserves the right to put the brakes on when the lockdown is lifted and to delay the relaxation restrictions if a new variant of the virus emerges

Regional levels have been removed and all parts of England will begin a gradual return to normal together

For the first stage, the five-week countdown begins on December 8th March, which means that April second can come into effect at the earliest

If everything goes according to plan, the third stage will start on April 17th May and the last stage on 21 June – four months away

In step 1, the children return on the 8th March back to the classroom, and “Ways for People to Safely Reunite With Loved Ones” will be prioritized

On 29 March the “rule of six” returns to parks and private gardens, so that six people from up to six different households can mix outdoors

This means that families can gather in parks and gardens until Easter. Good Friday falls on the 2nd April

And it has been confirmed that sports such as tennis and golf will be released on Jan. March will also be returning

But those desperate for a haircut will have to wait at least seven weeks for the salons to reopen

In step two, it is expected to be mid-April before hairdressers and non-essential stores go live, while restaurants and pubs can cater to customers outdoors

In step three, indoor hospitality and gyms are expected to return May be provided

The fourth and final phase, which could allow families in their homes and possibly fans who are allowed into sports stadiums and UK bank holidays, to mix indoors could be on Jan. June start

There is hope of normalcy by July, when every adult is offered a first dose of Covid Jab

Last night the Prime Minister said: “Our decisions are made on the latest data at every step

“We will be careful with this approach so as not to undo the progress made so far and the sacrifices each and every one of you has made to protect yourself and others

“So we’ve identified four key tests that must be passed before we can go through each step of the plan. I’m going to create a roadmap to carefully get us out of lockdown”

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News – UK – The easing may last four months, with rules being relaxed every five weeks