News – UK – Emmerdale fans call Ellis “creepy” after staring at Priya’s bum during practice


Emmerdale’s Ellis Chapman appeared fixated on Priya Sharma’s tail during a personal training session on Thursday’s episode, leaving some viewers to feel like his unprofessional behavior

Emmerdale’s Ellis Chapman appeared to cross a professional line in the Thursday episode as he looked at Priya Sharma’s bum during a training session

He invited Priya (Fiona Wade) as a friend for the evening and hoped to offer her support after she was fired from her job

Ellis (Aaron Anthony), a trained fitness trainer, offered Priya to train for the afternoon to give her a serotonin boost

However, when Priya was doing some of the exercises, the camera showed him staring at her rear end

Some viewers found his behavior a little inappropriate and compared him to his father, Al Chapman, who is known for his heartless treatment of women in the village

“Ellis is just as creepy as his father,” snorted for a second, referring to the series womanizer Al (Michael Wildman)

However, it seems that Ellis’ feelings for Priya run deeper than lust, as he risked ruining his relationship with his father by setting them in motion

With their rigorous training session, the two headed back into the house, where sparks began to fly between them

Priya insisted that she have to go home to wash up just for Ellis to offer his own shower facilities

Many viewers, watching from home, were convinced that a new Emmerdale affair was about to begin, with Priya dating Ellis to get back to Al

He was trying his best to convince Priya that he had nothing to do with his father when she asked, “How can the two of you be so different?”

Make his feelings clear: “I would never have hurt you like my dad Why do guys like him get girls like you?

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News – GB – Emmerdale fans call Ellis “creepy” after staring at Priya’s bum during exercise to have