News – UK – Fisherman confused by baby shark with strange ‘human face’


A fisherman in Indonesia was stunned after catching a baby shark with a bizarre’ human face ‘ Check out the footage of the creature here:

Abdullah Nuren has the baby shark (doo doo doo doo doo) on Sunday (21 February) caught on a fishing trip in the Red Ndao to the east of Nusa Tenggara

The shark was actually one of three unborn sharks that Abdullah found in the stomach of a shark that he caught in his trawler net

The other two pups looked just like their mother, while the third, well, you can see for yourself

“The next day, I split the mother’s shark’s belly and found three pups in her stomach

“Two were like the mother and this one who looked like he had a human face”

Personally, I have never seen a person with a face like this, but whatever you say, Abdullah

He then brought the shark back to his family and it has become neighborhood talk. Despite receiving offers, Abdullah has no plans to sell them

He said, “My home is full of people who want to see the shark

“Lots of people want to buy it, but I’ll save it instead I think it will bring me good luck”

I’m not sure how he figured this out, given the shark’s poor track record in the luck department, but if Abdullah thinks it’s a human lucky charm, who should we tell him otherwise?

Similarly, who is photographer and videographer Tanner Mansell to tell people that a shark he photographed doesn’t look like Donald Trump?

Tanner caught the shark off the Florida coast, but was surprised by the reaction when he uploaded the photos to social media

When responding to the comparison, Tanner said, “When I first published the photo, it blew up completely

“I didn’t see it at first, but I can see what people are saying That was always the top comment that many agreed

“I think it’s fun and unique. I’ve never heard of anyone compare a shark to a human”

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News – GB – Fishermen confused by baby shark with strange ‘human face’