News – UK – Football fans in crisis as England face Czech Republic the day after the UK lockdown ends


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The Prime Minister confirmed to the House of Commons that all social distancing would take place on Jan. June will end – with England’s clash with the Czech Republic at Euro 2020 the day after at Wembley

That could lead to Wembley being full of fans – provided coronavirus cases haven’t picked up again and all testing has been done effectively

But for anyone who can’t make the game, there are sure to be crowded pubs and beer gardens all over the country

Three Lions fans, Benedict Mason, wrote on Twitter: “All social distractions were stopped on Jan. June eliminated

While some even called on the Prime Minister to end the 23rd Making it a bank holiday, fans can (hopefully) celebrate the first post-lockdown win in style

On 21 June all legal restrictions on life events will be lifted On 22 In June England play the Czech Republic at Wembley Stadium The soccer balls are coming home Boris 👏🏽

One fan wrote: “Tuesday, March 22nd 2021, England versus Czech Republic and all pubs open again

The Prime Minister has confirmed that stadiums can be used up to 25 percent, or 10000, whichever is smaller

That’s me when I sit at Wembley and watch England shatter Scotland on the euro imageTwittercom / ntgVf3tLtI

Tried not to get excited about the Lockdown roadmap, but the prospect of seeing Scotland pumping at a tournament in a real pub instead of my house at Zoom England at Wembley drove me absolutely crazy

While capacity will be severely limited, it is hoped that these numbers can be increased rapidly, even with the prospect of 90000 full houses for the Euro 2020 final on 12 July

The Prime Minister confirmed that larger events would be piloted “using improved testing, with the aim of further easing restrictions”

And if everything goes according to plan, from the 21st June to “lift all legal restrictions on social contact” in order to allow “major events beyond the limits of step three”

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News – UK – Football fans in crisis as England face the Czech Republic one day after UK suspension ends