News – UK – Footballers must be hotel quarantined when playing in red list countries


Posted: 15:48 GMT, 4 March 2021 | Updated: 6:09 PM GMT, Jan. March 2021

Ministers have refused to change the Covid rules on quarantine exemptions for Premier League stars who were used for their national teams in this month’s World Cup qualification in Red List countries

And if footballers choose to obey their country’s call, when they return to the UK, like everyone else, they will be quarantined for 10 days in a government approved hotel

The isolation phase would exclude players from at least two club games and potentially affect their fitness, depending on how and where they were accommodated This has led to dilemmas between clubs and countries across the league

Liverpool players Roberto Firmino (left) and Alisson Becker (right) play for Brazil If they follow their country’s call in March, they will have to be quarantined in a hotel for 10 days on their return

More than 40 Premier League players have been named to one of the Red List nations at this month’s World Cup in the past two years

As Sportsmail reports today, Premier League leaders have held crunch talks to resolve the mayhem caused by this month’s controversial international break

Top football directors met for a conference call late last week to discuss how the issue can be addressed Dozens of players are at risk of being quarantined in a hotel for 10 days after their return from showing their countries

Previously, clubs had contacted the government to consider extending the general quarantine exemptions to the Red List nations for elite athletes However, these appeals were unsuccessful, Sportsmail can now report

Growing fears about the spread of coronavirus variants – especially in South America – which could be more contagious and virulent than those currently circulating in the UK have led ministers to take a stand on an important aspect of the UK’s Covid defense

Public health expert Professor Keith Neal of the University of Nottinghams previously told Sportsmail that “thousands” of people could lose their lives if players returned with vaccine-resistant Covid infections and the new strain of the disease spread

Professor Keith Neal, a public health expert at the University of Nottingham, said thousands of people could lose their lives if a vaccine-resistant variant of Covid spread

Six cases of Covid infections with the Brazil P1 variant were identified in the UK earlier this week

The government’s decision to maintain player quarantine rules lies behind the club and the tensions that have emerged in countries over the past few days

Under normal circumstances, FIFA will force clubs to release players for international service However, the rules for this game round, which has travel restrictions, have been changed, which would require some isolation, meaning the clubs will have to make the call

Jurgen Klopp said Liverpool will refuse to release players called up from Red List countries

Brazil would like to call up Alisson Becker, Roberto Firmino and Fabinho for their games against Colombia and Argentina, which would exclude them from important Premier League games against Arsenal and Aston Villa, as well as a possible first leg in the Champions League quarter-finals

Before the Premier League meeting with Chelsea, Klopp said: ‘I think all the [Premier League] clubs with the same problems agree that we can’t just let the guys go and deal with the situation when they are Return with a 10-day quarantine at a hotel or whatever that’s just not possible

In order to get around Britain’s restrictions, Portugal – which is on the red list – have been given permission to move their World Cup qualifier against Azerbaijan to Italy to ensure the Premier League stars are available

Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes would have missed club games had he been forced into quarantine after representing Portugal – which is on the UK red list

Portugal quickly moved to play their game on Nov. March, which was originally supposed to take place in Lisbon, to the Juventus Stadium in Turin, Cristiano Ronaldo’s home stadium

As a result, Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes, Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva, Liverpool’s Diogo Jota and a host of Wolves’ stars were able to play in the hotel on their return without a long quarantine period

Portugal will also be preparing for its other games in Serbia and Luxembourg in Italy, which means that all players – including the Wolves’ five contingent – should be able to play if necessary

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hinted that he was ready to stop star midfielder Fernandes from representing his country before the relocation

‘We are the ones who pay the players, and as far as I know that is the rule, FIFA has set the rules that do not require them to be published So I would think this is going to be a tough call for you to play in Red List countries, ”he said on Wednesday

‘I want Bruno to be ready against Brighton and hopefully through Europe and Tottenham after this break’

However, moving games and training facilities are unlikely to be a viable or palatable option for South American nations

In 10 World Cup qualifiers in South America this month, all are to take place in a country that is subject to the strictest travel ban for Great Britain

Top athletes in the UK benefit from a general quarantine exemption when traveling abroad.On their return, they must self-isolate for up to 10 days but can train and compete. This does not apply to the Red List

The red list in connection with Portugal’s brisk move from Lisbon for the game and training camp in Azerbaijan means that different restrictions apply to different players, which worried Wolf boss Nuno Espirito Santo

‘But we still have two games to play before break and we are awaiting an instruction from the Premier League and the government telling managers what players we can use when they return and what the competition will be like

“At some clubs almost all players will go to the national team, at others not so many. There are national teams that hold their training camps outside their own country ‘

The Brazilian Gabriel Jesus (center) will have to make a decision between the club and the country

Anyone who has been to or through any of these countries 10 days prior to arriving in the UK will be refused entry

All UK nationals or residents traveling to the country from these countries must be quarantined at a government approved hotel for 10 days

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News – UK – Footballers must be hotel quarantined when playing in red list countries
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